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Submission + - MS Ballot Initiative Would Restrict Eminent Domain ( 1

Byzantine writes: "In Mississippi, in a direct response to the US Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, Initiative 31—which would amend the state constitution to prohibit state and local governments from using eminent domain to take private property for economic development—has garnered enough signatures to be on the ballot in 2011. There are exceptions for traditional uses of eminent domain such as levee facilities, roads, bridges, ports, airports, etc. In 2009, a similar measure passed the Mississippi Legislature but was vetoed by Governor Haley Barbour."

Submission + - USPTO Director Launches Blog

Byzantine writes: "The US Office of Science and Technology Policy has announced that, following the lead of a number of governmental agencies, the director of the Patent and Trademark Office has started a blog. The many Slashdotters with strong opinions on patents might find the comments section a forum for communication with the PTO."

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