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Comment Maintenance sucks... (Score 1) 551

A problem with duct tape programming can be that after each delivery you spend a little more time each week doing maintenance on the code that you "delivered". Not that this doesn't also happen with over-engineered apps but more so with under engineered apps. Eventually you have delivered so much that you are spending 100% of your time doing maint and it is time to get a new job.

on time, on budget, all functional ---- choose two.

Comment Re:"Don't forget to ship your software!" (Score 1) 551

Interesting observation. I will admit that I like Joel's articles. But, as to your comment, it really has to do with your own perceptions for the most part. I can't find the study, but I did some research on people's perceptions of e-mails that they receive, and one corresponding study showed that people misinterpret the voice of textual information (e-mails, blogs, texting) about 90% of the time. How they perceived the messages appeared to come from things such as their own mood, past experiences with the author of the message, and their own personal view on the world. (I apologize for not being able to find the study.)

So, while Joel may be talking down (he has to consider a relatively wide audience, too), your perceptions might be a reflection more of yourself.


Submission + - US Report: NASA Can't Track Deadly Asteroids ( 1

xp65 writes: "A new U.S. government report says the U.S. space agency does not have enough money to find asteroids that could destroy life on Earth. The National Academy of Sciences said Wednesday that Congress has yet to give NASA the money it needs to build telescopes to track the potentially deadly space objects. Congress passed a law in 2005 ordering NASA to find 90 percent of asteroids bigger than 140 kilometers by 2020. The academy report says NASA cannot meet this goal under its existing budget."

Feed Science Daily: Restoring The Good Name Of Sugar (

Sugars were once credited with magical healing powers but are now seen like salt as an evil necessary in small doses but the cause of numerous diseases such as diabetes if taken in excess. Yet latest research suggests this view ignores the vital role played by more complex sugars in many biological structures, and the great therapeutic potential they have.

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