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Comment Reading peoples advice here making me insane. (Score 1) 635

Weight loss is a function of calories, you are almost never going to be able to run off calories you eat very easily.

So eat less if you want to lose weight.

If you want to be strong, exercise several times a week.

If you exercise to lose weight, and you were gaining weight before you started exercising, your probably just going to lose your water weight initially (OMG MOM I LOST 10lbs!) then you are going to stall, because you are really just exercising off the excess (if you can even do that).

I have lost 130lbs, and kept it off for several years now, I have track everything. Anyone coming on asking for quick tips on losing weight is having a losing game already.

If you are a software dev, make a spreadsheet, and do a workup on yourself. It takes time, but you can find out what your body burns every day, and you can find out how many calories you need to eat to lose weight, and you can even track when you start getting thinner how many fewer calories you burn

Here is how I do it.

If you don't want to use the self guided programmer method, and keep track of calories in calories out using a spreadsheet....

Download MyFitness Pal to track your calories and estimate your calorie needs, and do fitocracy to motivate you and read their guides on health.

Comment This is stupid (Score 2) 469

The market will, in fact, be the judge on these kinds of things. If people stop buying these products, and their complaint is that the lifespan issue is the reason they said "fuck off" then the game companies will change their policy, and provide games without these hooks.

If you are a gamer and MUST HAVE THE LATEST SIM CITY EVER, and U HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!. Well, then, this is the game for you, this is the Sim City game that is available. Enjoy.

I have seen my favorite franchise get awesome, then suck again with F2P game that recently came out. (Mechwarrior). The standard model games I enjoyed (mechwarrior living legends, even the mektek mech4 free release) are all gone now.

So, I don't give MWO my money, and if enough people dislike it, then the game goes away and maybe they make another game in the old style.

If they don't then they don't.

Comment Re:Junk food is the problem (Score 1) 655

McDonalds is definitely cheaper per Calorie.

(I think!)

Hell, Tacobell has a 550 calories per dollar in their beef burrito. (IIRC).

That would be like 10 oz of chicken.

which is pretty calorie dense for a home processed food. Or about 7 apples, which still costs more.

SO, depends on how you determine costs. If you count everything as calories in and calories out, and want to see the costs per calorie, a lot of fast food / canned and processed food, is a much better deal for caloric volume.

If you put in the cost of personal labor, it is _FAR_ cheaper.

Imagine you were, yourself, a food industry worker making 7.50 an hour. You just got your food from your local CSA farm share, and you cooked up (time to cook 1.5 hours), you just spent 11.25 dollars of your life cooking for food that in itself was more expensive.

I spent 1 hour last night with my GF making food, we make far far more than minimum wage, and it took 2 people. So lets pretend our time is worth a dollar a minute (combined, it is worth more but this an example), that would be 60 bucks of "effort" put in.

Etc.... etc... Even if you just take our income and divide by 3 (assuming we work 8 hours a day, but spread it out over 24 hours so that even sleeping itself would "cost" money) it would still imply 20 dollars an hour to make that food.

Far more than driving through McDonalds parking lot or Taco bell and getting the same calories that way.

It all depends on how you look at this stuff.

Take a look at this:

Where a guy determines the true cost of a tomato he gardened to be 64 dollars a tomato.

Very Very expensive.

Comment Re:Processed sugar is the problem (Score 1) 655

It is calories in calories out.

I started at 310 lbs, ate mostly taco bell, restaurants, and fast food, but i tracked my calories, and I lost 130lbs with strenuous exercise.

Now that I eat "healthy" (prepared meals, balances of nuts/veggies/pastas) the math all comes out to be the same. My weight fluctuates depending on the calories I consume, nothing more, nothing less.

If you want to see how your body actually works when it comes to weight (not necessarily HEALTH), based on thousands of people testing it via tracked exercises etc... join fitocracy and read the begginners guides to weight loss.

In the end, it is all about calories in and calories out. If you have a calorie deficit at the end of the day, you are going to lose that much fat/muscle.

Simply, easy. People just don't track these things, it doesn't matter that they are eating processed sugars etc... It only matters that they are eating more calories than they expend in a day.

I, personally, have to eat around 3500 calories a day to maintain weight, because I am active now. It doesn't matter if I eat those as healthy or unhealthy calories, as processed sugar or whole unprocessed sugar from the teat of the organic wholesome sugar fairy.

Comment Re:I think Beck has started to believe his own con (Score 1) 1276

Actually you are pretty ignorant on that.

The NPR main station receives its funding from member stations. The member stations receive the funding from the government.

The misconception you are using is the argument intended for idiots who don't pay attention to anything.

NPR receives funding from its _MEMBER_ stations, those MEMBER stations receive funding from the government.

The money, ergo, comes from the government. if the funding were stopped to the member stations, the member stations could not purchase the broadcast mix they wanted from the main NPR brand, and thus the entire public broadcasting structure would fail. It would mean losing many programs which are driven directly at expanding the arts, and knowledge, instead of being driven primarily based on whether or not some douche arrives to the Grammies in an egg.

Comment Former For Money gamer here (Score 1) 418

I used to make money playing games on the internet, funded 3 semesters of college on it.

I lost my gaming mojo some time ago, when I was winning all of the time I was 18-20 or so, then I took a break so that I could actually pass college.

When I play now, even though I am "good" as in "very good" when I play, the gulf between me and someone who is 14 and plays every night is vast. The 14 year olds that play competitively are far better.

In pub games I can generally win handily, in say Call Of Duty style games, or Unreal style. But when it comes to competitive players, and I mean the ones who might win money, I am very slow and out of "gaming" shape.

I don't know exactly when it happened, but it was some time between the release of Call of Duty 1 and Call of Duty 2 were my "real" life started to take priority over being good at games.

About the only game I am still "awesome" in is Mechwarrior Living Legends (a mod for Crysis) and that is mostly because the game I earned most of my money in back in the day were mechwarrior gaming tourneys, and I never lost my head for the style, as it relies more on carefully thinking about what you are doing, rather than twitch skills.

In a game like COD4, being well placed and well set up gets you only so far against someone who can spin around, shoot you in the head, and move on before you have finished killing their bouncing figure moving through the map.

Comment Re:conservatives (Score 4, Insightful) 759

You didn't watch the video.

Fox Claimed that because the mosque was funded by someone they referred to as an evil terrorist, that by association the mosque was a victory for terrorists.

Stewart pointed out, in what he said was a stupid and childish game, that Fox News is funded by the same person that they referred to as an evil terrorist, and that if you used the _SAME_ Logic fox news used to claim the mosque was funded by an evil terrorist, then Fox News is funded by an evil terrorist.

Fox, in essence, bashed themselves by claiming that they (Fox News) were funded by Evil Terrorist funders. BUT only if you applied the same logic that they used to describe the Mosque in question.

It is called Satire, seriously, The Daily Show used to come on after a program were puppets made crank phone calls.

Comment Really Hard Problems (Score 1) 773

The biggest thing about names, which does not seem to be addressed, is that naming in systems (at least for America) means a LOT because of the need to remove duplications from data sets.

This is a very hard problem, and in the end everything the author states is correct to a point, but he misses a larger point.

It does not matter, in the end, what naming scheme is being used, as long as you treat the parsing of the name in some non destructive generic way that is consistent.

It doesn't matter that MacLean and McLean, or Mac Lean are all structurally different, all that matters is that when you are doing your matching they all are all managed in the same way.

IE Bob Mac Lean, parses similarly to Robert Mac Lean, which parses similarly to Robert McLean.

And you can play games with how you are doing the matching by simply creating them as full names as well, and doing other aspects of data hygiene/harmonization (whatever nomenclature you want to use).

Here is a caveat that is implied. Names only matter in matching, names that do not matter in matching are for display purposes and you just use some common method of capture. The Name Prefix, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix format is always correct for this if your system has to be multi national. Multi national users of your site are going to be used to putting some consistent-ish thing in these fields, so dont worry about it.

Comment Re:This gives my coding some perspective... (Score 1) 151

I think your applying an idea of incompetence due to irrationality of the individuals who code the site.

When this is not the case, it was simply a matter of unexpected enthusiasm from the internet.

The individuals who made the mech packs and released them have an incredible coding competence, just not at the specific goal trying to be achieved here. The first "test" (the release of MTX with 3.1) actually worked out quite well.

The full "Free Release" that is being done now far exceeded that test release, and is what caused the issue.

It is a matter of not having had the opportunity to code for the specific scale involved.

Take slashdot for example, in its past it had issues scaling as well based on increased periods of demand (such as 9/11). the scale is different, certainly, but the idea is the same. Sometimes you build for one scale, and then another scale jumps right at you.

Having faced this myself when programming, say for an 11 million record database and then coding for a 200 million record database, I am quite willing to give these guys slack.

I was on the beta team for the mektek software, and it worked fine when we went through all of the tickets and hammered on it with our less than 50 people or so in the beta team.

Comment Re:This gives my coding some perspective... (Score 1) 151

I was on the beta team, and with the handful of beta testers none of this stuff came up.

That may not seem to be much of an excuse, but they had developed this for a specific volume of people and bought server space for that expected flow of individuals.

Instead it has been considerably more popular. Even some of the weird bugs about saving file paths were found months ago but had been fixed, and then re-introduced? Anyway, the feedback is being reviewed.

Comment Re:Right of free speech + right of association (Score 1, Interesting) 1070

This is different.

companies own everything, if you dont get in line your fucked.

But now those companies only follow the will of their shareholders, that aint the employees.

I work at a soul crushing place, I dont agree with their corporate or political policies, i work there because they pay me better than the competition and if i wouldnt work there I could go work for someone else with the same ideals as them, or i could simply not work or get into some kind of left wing low paying job.

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