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Comment Re:not nearly good enough. (Score 1) 39

Wifi equipment has started down a road of anonymization. Linux users have been tinkering with macchanger for a while (though not effectively enough to stop the native MAC address from popping up now and then). Apple made the first big splash when they made MAC randomization standard for scanning mode; Android copied that. Microsoft followed suit with a MAC randomization in more modes. Then the Linux folks finally did it right by building MAC randomization features into Network Manager. The idea, of course, is to keep the original MAC address suppressed.

Stay tuned for more.

Comment Whonix on Qubes OS (Score 3, Informative) 177

TAILS tries to provide anonymity within the context of kernel-based security, but browser and privilege exploits are quite plentiful and such malware can go on to reprogram your firmware and peripherals. Qubes provides better protection of the core system, and Whonix ensures that Tor is utilized in a way that's optimum for anonymity.

Comment Re:Fear is a good thing for business (Score 1) 332

The wealthy own the mechanisms of the market, and they use this advantage to bleed everyone else dry. They own the politicians, too, so forget about being accountable to regulations or even having meaningful sets of regulations. And market accountability...? Too Big To Fail!

The disparity in wealth upsets the wealthy, too. So they inflame other kinds of conflict (among the working classes) to draw unwanted attention away from themselves.

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