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Journal Journal: Ass Hat Meta-moderaters

I hate the way some ass hats meta-moderate
My moderation for this comment was to mod it as redundant - it was an AC copy/paste from a previous post about 20 posts above.

Some ass hat meta mod decided that my mod was unfair.. they did not look up and see the other comment, could not see why it was redundant, so meta mod me unfair.

This has happened before, and pisses me off - there is a reason meta mod has:
* Fair
* Unfair
It is because if you don't know, don't touch the thing.

How can moderation work, if meta-mod just marks everything unfair if it is negitive?

Journal Journal: Recovered

gpart almost worked, it recovered enough that i could manually repartition my drive correctly, and after lilo, the system booted and all is well...

Just let me say - always keep a copy of what your system returns when running:
fdisk -l
fdisk -u -l
this displays as sectors not cylinders

This will help greatly with recovery - print it and file it, or at least store on another system, which is backed up!

Always remember - do not try to reinstall the system without this happening, and even when setting up a system, backup, backup, backup...

Journal Journal: No boot

I have been working on our new web/database server to replace our existing one, it runs slackware.
After 3 weeks of configuration and re-writing web applications to work on the new server, and system (the old server had mail and proxy as well as web and database), I rebooted, only to get a message that the server will not boot... Doh!

Loading boot disks told me that the partition info had gone... I have not backed up yet... it is a new system and I had not got backup working and it is not yet live! I was rebooting to start the initial backup!

I have now found gpart - I should have printed out the partition info, again had not got to the documentation of the system part of the process - deadlines, switching between old and new projects, etc... anyway gpart is supposed to tell me the new partition types, I hope it does, or else I think I might just curl up and die... blind fdisk is my only other option

gpart has been going for some time, I have no idea how long the scan is supposed to take... will write more when it is done!

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