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Comment Re:Not impulsive at all (Score 1) 1546

Lewis called him illegitimate because of the Russia narrative.

Trump fired back that he hasn't accomplished anything for his district, he's all talk.

seems like he wanted to point out to the people that lewis has done a shitty job, but the media covered by saying how dare you insult someone who did some good almost 50 years ago.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1546

Russia has been getting chummy with China,

wonder if the long game is to use russia's 'friendship' to deal with us and weaken china/russia ally and put them in check?

There's always more going on then it looks like with Trump so far, but he won't lay it all out, it just kind of comes together and we're sitting here thinking, was this planned?

Submission + - 50 Killed in Orlando Night Club Shooting: Religion NOT involved!

Abdul Rehman Daniyal writes: 50 Killed in Orlando Night Club Shooting. This was the biggest ever shooting in the history of United States of America. It was a ferocious act of Domestic Terror. Approximately 50 people are killed and 53 more are injured. The shooting took place at a Gay Night Club in Orlando Florida on Sunday early morning. For more information click this link

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