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Submission + - 50 Killed in Orlando Night Club Shooting: Religion NOT involved!

Abdul Rehman Daniyal writes: 50 Killed in Orlando Night Club Shooting. This was the biggest ever shooting in the history of United States of America. It was a ferocious act of Domestic Terror. Approximately 50 people are killed and 53 more are injured. The shooting took place at a Gay Night Club in Orlando Florida on Sunday early morning. For more information click this link

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 111

ohio state highway patrol (turnpike) works this way.

only they can once a week seem to pull someone over for an improper lane change or faulty license plate light and magically find 10 keys of coke hidden in a secret compartment inside the gas tank,

I drive through there with marker lights out all the time, but i'm not doing anything illegal so I won't get stopped.. but i guarantee if i had a trunk full of weed and only let my blinker flash twice before changing lanes, i would be in jail,

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