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Submission + - Critical bug in Snow Leopard ? (

BuR4N writes: "CNet site "MacFixit" reports that "a few people on the Apple discussion boards have found a problem with Snow Leopard, where the system has deleted their home directories after logging in to the guest account."

Since many Slashdot readers are Apple users, it would be interesting to know if anyone have experienced this problem and if there is a way to fix it ?"


Submission + - ISP ordered by court to shutsdown The Pirate Bay (

BuR4N writes: "The Swedish ISP "Black Internet" was to day ordered to shutdown the file sharing site The Pirate Bay or pay a fine of half a million Swedish Kronor the Swedish newspaper "Dagens Nyheter" reports (Link to Google translation of page). The owner of "Black internet" comments that they do not have the money to risk, but at the same time comments that they are only one of the ISPs used by TPB (even if they are the largest) so TPB will probably find a new ISP willing to provide internet connection. With the reason media tsunami regarding (Swedish news in English, the TPB one wonders if there is any chance for a "legalization" of the service to succeed."

Submission + - Spotify secure funding - Planing US launch (

BuR4N writes: "Spotify ( ) the Swedish streaming music service have secured funding ($50 million) for expanding in the US. Spotify aims to give iTunes a run for the money. Having a cost free (ad sponsored) account alternative (not for the iPhone version) and a lightweight streaming application with a fantastic music choice, it certainly going to be interesting to see if it can shake up the music market in the US."

Submission + - The Pirate Bay sued, again (

BuR4N writes: "The American movie industry today decided to take another stab at the people behind The Pirate Bay the Swedish newspaper "Dagens Nyheter" reports. The last time it was IFPI ( ) that sued and won the first round in the court, the verdict was much debated especially when details about the judge being member of organisations around the copyright lobby emerged. The Local (Swedish news in English) has a good summary of this new turn in The pirate bay story."

Submission + - Opera unite - promise to change the web (

BuR4N writes: "Opera this morning released Opera Unite, a new browser/server combination that makes it easy to share content and interact with others, using "just" a browser. The bold claim that it will change the web forever is something that we have to wait and see if it holds true. A beta of Opera 10 with the Unite feature enabled is available to download from the following URL. Builds for Windows, Mac and Linux is available."

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