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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 416

The flaw in your reasoning is obvious. What you want to say is that there is not an LD50 dose for SMOKING marijuana, which is what the monkeys were forced to do. In concentrated doses, say from injecting THC directly into the bloodstream, a person can and has died. If you are going to respond by saying that's not PRACTICAL, then please don't, unless you are completely oblivious to the last 50 years of assholes doing absolutely ingenious things in order to get a better high.

Comment Re:Apples-Oranges (Score 5, Insightful) 760

The biggest problem with being poor that people often overlook is that it's very expensive being poor. Almost all their earnings goes to their subsistence which means having the money to get a higher education is almost impossible.

Do you really believe that poor people doesn't want better education and jobs? Your comment makes it sound like poor people are lazy slobs waiting for government handouts.

It's the same reasoning the super-rich uses when talking about "ordinary people" (ie. wage slaves), "ordinary people" are lazy slobs trying to get as much money as possible from them.

Comment Asshattery deluxe... (Score 5, Insightful) 110

All the shit Microsoft have pulled the last year only mean that a lot of people gets pissed off.

Microsoft has become that guy in the office nobody can stand because he is a total asshole but they have to deal with him on a daily basis anyway - which means when they get the chance to get rid of him they will.

Submission + - Attackers Are Probing and Exploiting the ImageTragick Flaws

itwbennett writes: From the 'you knew this was coming' department... In the past week, security companies have observed attacks trying to exploit remote code execution flaws in the ImageMagick Web server library that were publicly disclosed last Tuesday. The researchers who disclosed the flaws had reason to believe that malicious attackers already had knowledge about them after an initial fix from the ImageMagick developers proved to be incomplete. While CloudFlare isn't aware of any successful attacks using ImageMagick 'it is clear that hackers are actively trying this vulnerability as it is fresh and many servers are likely to not have been patched yet,' CloudFlare researcher John Graham-Cumming said in a blog post.

Submission + - Air on early Earth weighed much less than today, study finds (

hypnosec writes: A study published in Nature Geoscience has proved that the idea of early Earth harboring a much thicker atmosphere is wrong and instead the air weighed much less than today. University of Washington researchers and colleagues proved that the air during the early years of Earth exerted almost half the pressure of today's atmosphere by studying bubbles trapped in 2.7 billion-year-old rocks. For the purpose of the study, researchers needed a site that had lava that was undisputedly formed at sea level. Scientists found such a site in Australia where Beasley River had exposed a 2.7 billion-year-old basalt lava. The team drilled into the overlying lava flows to examine the size of the bubbles. Initial measurements by scientists showed that the air pressure at the time was significantly lower than current times meaning that the air was light. For more accurate results, researchers carried out x-ray scans from several lava flows and confirmed their initial findings that the atmospheric pressure at that time was less than half of today's.

Submission + - Fedora 24 Beta is here -- Linux fans, download it now (

An anonymous reader writes: The workstation version — the one most home users will target — offers GNOME 3.20 preview as a desktop environment. While other environments will be available too, I urge folks to try GNOME first. It has improved leaps and bounds over the years, becoming my choice for best UI of any operating system.

Wayland is available as preview, but not default. The display server protocol is still poised to replace X, but it will not yet be ready for Fedora 24. The team explains that it should be ready for "future versions". Whether that means version 25 will get Wayland as default remains to be seen.

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