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Comment Re:Just my 2c (Score 1) 161

You seem to miss the point entirely (which most slashdotters tend to do).

How do you propose the dash-cam make the ambulance reach an accident faster?

You talk about waste of money - so I have to ask you, what is a life worth in your opinion? Because if the system saves lives, is it still a waste of money?

And before complaining about "taking over", FFS read up on what RDS is (, And if you are driving in a car it is your frickin responsibility to make use of any information available to get as a complete picture you can of the traffic situation so you can drive safely. If you think it's an undue burden to have your music interrupted by a message that can save lives please sell your car.

And you couldn't even get the thing about bad drivers right, one bad driving habit is LACK OF COMMUNICATION! You know like . . . eye contact! Or using the turn signal! Or being oblivious to the traffic around you because you can't hear it over your stereo blaring.

Comment Re:So Google gets metadata? (Score 3, Interesting) 87

So, IANACryptographer, but if I understand correctly: Google gets metadata when Alice sends a message (because connect to its server using this "fronting"), and when Bob receives one (because Signal delivers messages using GCM). It doesn't look too hard for them to reconstruct that Alice is exchanging messages to Bob.

Except Google's servers are sending and receiving millions upon millions of messages every second, so no it wouldn't be very easy to match up one particular sender with one particular receiver. Then you have the problem that, as you said, Google gets the metadata, not Egypt, and Google has no interest in trying to reconstruct this conversation, regardless of how easy it may be to do so.

Comment Re:Speaking of dumb ideas... (Score 1) 127

Duh! The SIM-card isn't just used for storing numbers. It's a physical token representing your number and what operator you are using.

Image the hassle when you get a new phone and have to call customer support to validate it and get your number ported to it from the old one. Or moving to a new operator (if it's allowed).. Brrr...

Comment Re:Taiwan? (Score 1) 225

A lot of people don't really understand how a country is defined, including yourself.

A country is merely a defined political division, that means it needs some kind of border, but even a government isn't technically necessary

I think your definition of country is a bit too broad, unless you think the third ward of Houston, Texas, United States is a country, or that any city, state, subdivision, etc is a country. If that is your stance, then your definition is beyond silly; it is useless. To try to make the spirit of your definition work, I would suggest that a country is a geographic area with a political identity but which is not a subdivision of any larger political identity.

Comment Re:Corrections and more (Score 3, Interesting) 822

1. They did not say that they are reopening the investigation. The memo itself makes that clear.

I'm not sure how you can make such a claim, since the memo you linked states "...and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation."

Furthermore, nothing else in that memo makes the point you pretend it does.

Comment Re:Probably actually illegal (Score 2) 250

A warranty cannot be voided if you replace a part that has a limited life due to being used up, for example ink-cartridges, paper in a printer, brake-pads on a car etc etc..

If someone claims otherwise they are wrong. Just check the Magnusson-Moss Warranty act regarding "Tie-in sales".

The only time you can void your warranty in this kind of instance is if you use 3rd party replacements parts even though the original manufacturer supplies the replacement for free OR if your 3rd party replacement breaks the equipment.

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