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Submission + - Italian cold fusion device examined (nyteknik.se) 2

An anonymous reader writes: In a detailed report, two Swedish physicists exclude chemical reactions as the energy source in the Italian âenergy catalyzerâ(TM). The two physicists recently supervised a new test of the device in Bologna, Italy.

Comment Re:and? (Score 1) 411

China ramping up its space presences , US is winding down its program. What message does that send to the rest of the world do you think ? NASA have been one of the most effective PR machines selling the US brand to the rest of the world for more then 40 years now.

Comment Re:Haha. (Score 1) 980

What next? Microsoft suing a suddenly popular PC manufacturer because they've completely abandoned Windows and only ship with Ubuntu Linux, or an "advanced" option out of a list of free OSes including Fedora, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD?

Don't give them any ideas ....

Comment Re:Jobs always wanted to be Bill Gates (Score 1) 643

Once he is gone, hopefully Apple will become more customer choice friendly.

I doubt that Apples strategy works well in an "open" environment, everything is built on tight integration and vendor lock-in, just like in the 80's. I think if they change that formula, they will be "just another company" pretty soon.

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