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Comment Can validate this. (Score 1) 169

Old account. Got alert login from new device then password changed twice. They changed it back to the original. New password and turned on SMS auth so it won't happen again. Sucks it was an old account before I had started using random passwords per site so had to go through every site I use and verify it was not that password. Thankfully I use a password manager that makes that easy. Can't be lazy about passwords anymore.

Comment Sick of this arguement (Score 3, Interesting) 113

Europeans money is worth more
They get more vacation
They get free college
They have free healthcare
They live longer
They have lower infant mortality
They have more holidays

We have been fucked and we argue that the government is screwed up. We screwed up when we let corporations destroy our government.

Comment Re: I for one... (Score 1) 49

Without banning exclusives you get a fragmented library and have to subscribe to multiple services and end up paying more. The rich Wall Street fat cat invests in both as well and makes twice the money but wait there's more! He buys tax breaks from congress for those multiple companies so you have to pay higher taxes to make up for it. Costing you more.

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