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Feed Engadget: Sony giving away three red PS3s to those blasted Canadians (

Filed under: Gaming

Happy Canada Day, eh? is celebrating that finest of patriotic traditions with three limited edition red PS3s to be handed out to lucky contest winners. You don't need to do much to enter, just fill out a few details about yourself and call Canada your home -- or find someone to do it for you who can. The custom paint job is being done by Adrian Anz, tech customizer to the stars, and sounds like it won't be at all shabby. Of course, if you don't luck out, don't live in that vast northern wasteland, or don't want to wait for the contest to wrap up, you can always ship your system off to ColorWare or pony up for an eBay job. Just be sure you have a few pennies left over to help offset the cost of a few of those 380 promised PS3 games in the coming months -- no point in having a red PS3 if you can't afford anything to play on it. Now when are Sony and Nintendo going to get their acts together and start selling color alternatives outright?

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