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Submission + - SCO Goes Private with $100 Million Backing 1

AmIAnAi writes: Just when you thought it was all over, the SCO story takes a new twist.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that SCO have received $100 million financing from Stephen Norris Capital Partners to take tehm out of Chapter 11 and go private.

The move gives Stephen Norris, whose namesake founder was a co-founder of private equity giant The Carlyle Group, a controlling interest in SCO, which now has a platform to continue its court battle with Novell Inc. over royalties from the Unix server operating system, SCO's main business.
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Submission + - Only 2 activations of Bioshock ever?

Tinman_au writes: Theres a lot of people posting on the 2k Games forums that the copy protection used in Bioshock, (SecuROM), only allows 2 activations.

How many installs do we get? Transfer of ownership?
Re-use of activation code on new PC?

I'm all for companies protecting their income/IP, but only allowing 2 activations seems a tad draconian.

The company has yet to respond to anyone in the forums about the activation issue (though they have responded that they are looking into some of the other problems that usually go with a new release).

Hopefully they'll address the "2 activation's" issue somehow, as it's the only reason I'll be waiting before getting a copy of what looks like an absolute cracker of a game otherwise.

Submission + - PSP custom firmware team fights back against theft

Brianech writes: What happens when a a website steals credit for a software release, and the release team makes modifications to recent revisions to prevent such theft at the cost of end user? In recent days M33, a PSP custom firmware team, modified their firmware to include an encryption scheme based off of the md5 hash. This was done to prevent sites, namely (WARNING:A LOT OF ADS) from editing their release. The problem was that once the ps3news did edit the firmware, it became useless, and resulted in the site's user's PSP's being "bricked," a term to describe a nearly ruined PSP. The debate over whether the action taken by the M33 team was ethical is raging on in PSP community sites such as PSP Hacks , and MaxConsole . The M33 team also included the name of the owner of site, and the name and home address of the person who receives advertising payments from the site, in their firmware's readme file. They also included a warning not download the firware from the above mentioned site, along with accusations that posted IP addresses and full names of well known PSP hackers . These accusations can no longer be validated as ps3news have taken their PSP forums and files offline for the time being.

Feed Engadget: Michael Bay "drinks the Kool Aid," now supports HD DVD (

Filed under: Home Entertainment

Ha, so much for standing up to the boss-man. Michael's latest post now says that, "I drank the Kool Aid" blah blah blah "so I think I might be back on to do Transformers 2!" Whatever, wuss.

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