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Comment Re:Quantum physics (Score 3, Insightful) 387

We weren't able to see germs until we had a powerful enough micrcoscope - but germ theory predicted that they existed, and that you should look for them and if you looked carefully enough, you would see them Just like the Higgs Boson - it was predicted for many decades before any instrument could detect it, and no one was really sure that it existed until it was detected at the mass predicted.

      Much of string theory, as an example, is theoretically unobservable, in that no matter what you do you can never see them at all, That's about like saying germs are not just too small to see with current equipment, they are invisible by their nature.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1, Interesting) 621

So, you think it;s a super-great idea for voters to express their desires in the most direct way possible, and then have the government just disregard that? I take it that you like people you never voted for or have heard of in a foreign country (Belgium in this case) decide what you have to do, too? At least you are consistent.

Comment Re:Greens are the new Amish (Score 2) 117

Precisely. Modern inventions are intrinsically evil and it was better 100 years ago. Sure, you had widespread polio, malaria, yellow fever, flu pandemics, and most of the human population lived on the edge of starvation as it had for 10,000 years, but at least you weren't adding microscopically to pollution.

Comment Backwards (Score 2) 117

The invention of A/C didn't damage creativity. Pre A/C, you were *limited and constrained* and had to build porches, limited placement of foliage, and more it less constrained you to do something to deal with the temperature extremes. With A/C, you can make the buildings any shape, any size, with any landscaping, etc. You can make the architecture *any way you like* without even considering the weather or sun. That enable unlimited creativity. Many of the large cities that current exist in North America would be either miserable or unlivable. Do you think you are going to get a city like Phoenix with natural cooling?

Comment Re:going the way of manned space travel? (Score 1) 55

Musk, not being an engineer or scientist of any sort, is probably used to people telling him things are impossible. Most of the time, engineers in the current day tend to immediately jump to "impossible" based on their experiences trying to make something of fix something simple due to crushing bureaucracy that they assume everything is impossible. When someone tells a management type something is impossible, they just don't believe the engineer any more, because the engineers are usually overstating the difficulties.

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