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Comment Re:"Unprecedented" (Score 1) 355

OOOH, you'll get done for heresy for that sort of comment. Never, ever, tell the emperor he has no clothes, all those praising him for decades will get very mad.

        BTW, the mean sea level was about 100 feet higher for most of Phanerozoic time until an enormous drop in fairly recent (on this scale) times.

Comment Re:Quantum physics (Score 3, Insightful) 387

We weren't able to see germs until we had a powerful enough micrcoscope - but germ theory predicted that they existed, and that you should look for them and if you looked carefully enough, you would see them Just like the Higgs Boson - it was predicted for many decades before any instrument could detect it, and no one was really sure that it existed until it was detected at the mass predicted.

      Much of string theory, as an example, is theoretically unobservable, in that no matter what you do you can never see them at all, That's about like saying germs are not just too small to see with current equipment, they are invisible by their nature.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1, Interesting) 621

So, you think it;s a super-great idea for voters to express their desires in the most direct way possible, and then have the government just disregard that? I take it that you like people you never voted for or have heard of in a foreign country (Belgium in this case) decide what you have to do, too? At least you are consistent.

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