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Submission + - Music/Photo Managers Don't Get Filesnames

BrendaEM writes: After downloading and trying Miro, I was disappointed to find it is yet another "manager" program that refuses to use real folders and human-readable filenames. While Miro is not the only culprit, it still thinks I want my filenames named like this: videoplayback-sparams=id,expire,ip,ipbits,itag,algorithm,b.25&id=0c609c2d7c4b4e7b&redirect_counter=1.mp4

I have a lot of files/information on my computer, and I rarely ever need to search for anything --only because I group files into folders and use human-readable filenames.

Most music and many managers use either hidden header in the media or a database to store information about the file, but databases can be corrupted and we generally cannot see the header info at all times, and I ask, are we not smart enough to write software that works with us?

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