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Comment Why do you feel the need to lie? (Score 1) 113

30 minutes of super-charging gives you an extra 180 miles, not an extra 50.

This is how I know that Tesla is going to be super-successful, because the fact that most arguments against EVs include over-the-top lies indicates that the fundamental problem is (a) ignorance and (b) an irrational fear of change. History has taught us that both (a) & (b) will auto-correct.

Comment Then there's no such thing as "water-proof" (Score 1) 159

All that exists is various levels of water resistance.

Or are you saying that a cheap "water-proof" Casio will still work after being submerged to a depth of 10,000 ft for a year?

FWIW, the original Apple watch is rated IPX7 under IEC standard 60529, meaning that it can sustain being submerged under 1 meter of water for 30 min.

Comment What's it like to be wrong about everything? (Score 1) 472

TFA was made-up bullshit. Macbook Pros have been updated in the previous 4 years and do have available skylake processors.

Tesla most certainly does not lose $15K on each car. That's fucking absurd, and you're an idiot. Using that math then at one point Ford was also losing $15K on every Model T it made.

Tesla sells cars for more than the manufacturing cost of that car, they have healthy margins in that sense. However they then take that money and invest it in things like a giant battery factory, supercharger stations, designing the next car, and upgrading their ability to manufacture more cars quickly. On paper, this looks like a loss and to morons like you it looks like they are losing money on each sale.

But, that's the thing about morons, they see stupidity everywhere except in the mirror.

Comment That link is screwy (Score 1) 177

Tesla sold >50K cars in 2015 and is on track to sell >80K cars in 2016. The WSJ reports ~10K in 2015 for some reason.

Tesla sells cars as fast as they can make them; they already sell a lot of cars, and they are increasing production by >1.5x per year. Extrapolate out a few years and GM & Ford are very worried.

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