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Comment due to delayed international telecast... (Score 1) 479

I find the best way is to:
have a usenet subscription...
install sabnzbd+ to download 'news' items
install sickbeard and use it to automatically send new episodes to sabnzbd+
use xbmc running on a low power computer plugged into your tv to watch any new episodes, you can even set sickbeard up to notify xbmc of when an episode has been downloaded

Comment Re:Lax attitudes toward child pornography (Score 1) 722

you make the leap from 'sexualised children' to 'child porn' pretty quick... a teen taking a photo of herself in the mirror looking slutty is sexualised and is all over facebook...

Reddit has and will always report child porn and content that they believe is illegal once the users have redflagged it with an admin...
this new policy is about the grey area in the middle, where it isn't porn, but the person is posing in a sexually suggestive manner

people submitting images/browsing /r/preteen_girls creep me out as much as the next guy... but it's not, strictly speaking, pornographic (and it certainly isn't child exploitation if people are simple reposting images that these minors were foolish enough to upload to the internet in the first place)

Comment 4-10 ... but not helping co-workers (Score 1) 192

1. desktop at work
2. work laptop, used for remoting to client sites
3. personal laptop
4. NAS boxes at home (does it count as 3 keyboards if I'm using a KVM?)
5. gaming box at home
6. pc in bedroom
7. phone has a qwerty keyboard, throw that in
8. tablet while on the train
9. and typically my girlfriends laptop gets some bad-touch too.
crap... if I help co workers I go up into the next category of 'it support' I may have a problem...

One Final Manufacturing Run of Touchpads 221

Accepted on the first attempt, lochnessie writes "HP has announced a limited manufacturing run of Touchpads to be available in the next few weeks. The HP employee making the announcement posted 'I think it's safe to say we were pleasantly surprised by the response' to their massively discounted, sold-at-a-huge-loss tablet."

Comment will do the opposite (Score 2) 68

his suggestion of removing MA15+ will do exactly the opposite of what he wants to do.
all MA15+ games won't automatically be rated at R18+
some will be recategorised as M (suggested for 15+ but not enforced) and from that point on game studios will try to bring their games in under the R18+ radar and get them categorised as M because R18+ games will require photo id (drivers licence or passport) to purchase*
in theory MA15+ games require a student card or some form of valid ID to show the purchasers age, doesn't always happen in practice, but that's for the parent to notice and rip into the staff at the store who sold their child the game* (anecdotal reference: I remember requiring my student id to see MA movies at the theatres when I was 15, sometimes I was asked, sometimes I wasn't)

*this is (naturally) assuming brick and mortar stores are the only way to purchase goods... and that kids don't lie about their age when signing up for a steam account...

video game classification in Aus is a sick joke.

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