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What To Expect From HTML5 272

snydeq writes "InfoWorld's Neil McAllister takes a deeper look at HTML5, outlining what developers should expect from this overhaul of HTML — one that some believe could put an end to proprietary Web technologies such as Flash and Silverlight. Among the most eagerly anticipated additions to HTML5 are new elements and APIs that allow content authors to create rich media using nothing more than standards-based HTML. The standard also introduces browser-based application caches, which enable Web apps to store information on the client device. 'But for all of HTML5's new features, users shouldn't expect plug-ins to disappear overnight. The Web has a long history of many competing technologies and media formats, and the inertia of that legacy will be difficult to overcome. It may yet be many years before a pure-HTML5 browser will be able to match the capabilities of today's patchwork clients,' McAllister writes. 'In the end, browser market share may be the most significant hurdle for developers interested in making the most of HTML5. Until these legacy browsers are replaced with modern updates, Web developers may be stuck maintaining two versions of their sites: a rich version for HTML5-enabled users, and a version for legacy browsers that falls back on outdated rendering tricks.'"

Submission + - How to deal with and improve poor handwriting?

TrueKonrads writes: Many of slashdotters, yours truly included type on keyboard significantly more than write with pen on paper. However, when interviewing clients or generally taking notes, notebook is still the easiest way to do it. Unfortunately, my handwriting is barely legible and I am happy I can read what I wrote; giving notes to somebody else is simply out of question. How do you deal with it? Abandon notebooks at all or have you found a way to improve legibility?

Submission + - Source Code of Several Atari 7800 Games Released! (programmerfish.com)

jadoon88 writes: "Remember the Dig Dug or Centipede or Robotron? They used to be favorites when Atari's 7800 series was still around. Now since the era of those consoles is over and a different world of interactive reality gaming has taken over, Atari has unofficially released source code of over 15 games for the coders and enthusiasts to admire the state-of-the-art (because this is what it was back then). During those times nobody would have imagined in their wildest dreams the games that Atari's developers floated into the gaming thirsty market and instantly swept across continental boundaries. But things changed soon after that and a company once regarded as one of the most successful gaming console manufacturers and developers faded away in the pages of our technology's hall-of-fame. Read more here: Source Code of Several Atari 7800 Games Released!"

Submission + - Stephen Hawking: "Humans Have Entered a New St (dailygalaxy.com)

movesguy writes: "Stephen Hawking said in his lecture: Life in the Universe that "Humans Have Entered a New Stage of Evolution" From the article: "At first, evolution proceeded by natural selection, from random mutations. This Darwinian phase, lasted about three and a half billion years, and produced us, beings who developed language, to exchange information." "I think it is legitimate to take a broader view, and include externally transmitted information, as well as DNA, in the evolution of the human race," Hawking said. In the last ten thousand years the human species has been in what Hawking calls, "an external transmission phase," where the internal record of information, handed down to succeeding generations in DNA, has not changed significantly. "But the external record, in books, and other long lasting forms of storage," Hawking says, "has grown enormously. Some people would use the term, evolution, only for the internally transmitted genetic material, and would object to it being applied to information handed down externally. But I think that is too narrow a view. We are more than just our genes." http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2009/07/stephen-hawking-the-planet-has-entered-a-new-phase-of-evolution.html"

Submission + - Fake Tamiflu 'out-spams Viagra on Web' (cnn.com)

cin62 writes: The number of Internet scammers offering fake anti-swine flu drug Tamiflu has surpassed those selling counterfeit Viagra, reports CNN. Since the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, was declared a global pandemic last month, there has been an increase in the number of Web sites and junk emails offering Tamiflu for sale. "Every Web site that used to sell Viagra is now selling Tamiflu. We are pretty sure that the same people are making the Tamiflu as are making the Viagra," said Director of Policy for the UK's Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS).
United States

Submission + - Federal Judge Rebuked for Porn Distribution 3

anagama writes: "While Robert Zicari and Janet Romano got a year and day for obscenity, Federal Appeals Court Chief Judge Alex Kozinksi only got a non-criminal slap on the wrist for running a private website which he inadvertently made publicly accessible and included "two naked women on all fours painted as cows". While there are clear differences between Zicari/Romano's distribution intentions and the judge's intentions, it is interesting that his possession of simulated bestiality porn is treated so lightly."

Submission + - Internap Has Another Massive Power Failure

reifenrath writes: "It seems that Internap's Seattle data center has suffered another massive power failure. This sounds to be a similar problem to the Livejournal outage experienced in 2005 and documented by Slashdot. The Internap NOC is currently providing no additional information or ETA for repairs."

Submission + - Zeus Trojan Cost Kentucky County $415,000 (washingtonpost.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The Washington Post's Brian Krebs has a piece that dissects a cyber attack this week against Bullitt County, Ky. The home of Fort Knox lost $415,000 after a Windows PC belonging to the county treasurer got infected with a scary new variant of the Zeus keystroke logger Trojan, which includes a back-connect feature that allows the crooks to log in to the victim's bank account using the victim's own Internet connection. The story breaks down in detail how the attackers were able to defeat the bank's two-factor authentication and the county's checks-and-balances system, and includes interviews with two of the 25 money mules in the United States who were hired or duped into accepting unauthorized transfers from the county and then wiring the money to the fraudsters in Ukraine. From the story: "Bullitt County Attorney Walt Sholar said the trouble began on June 22, when someone started making unauthorized wire transfers of $10,000 or less from the county's payroll to accounts belonging to at least 25 individuals around the country (some individuals received multiple payments). On June 29, the county's bank realized something was wrong, and began requesting that the banks receiving those transfers start reversing them, Sholar said.

Submission + - Another shot at the mass-market electric car (pcauthority.com.au)

Slatterz writes: The Tesla Roadster has almost mythical status among electric car enthusiasts. It's fast, with high torque over a wide RPM range, and can beat a Ferrari in terms of acceleration. Now Tesla has released new video of its upcoming new electric car, called the Model S, which Tesla Motors claims is the world's first mass produced fully-electric vehicle. Unlike the Lotus-Elise based Roadster, the Model S is a traditional sedan of the type millions of commuters might actually drive. Tesla claims it will fit seven people, and has mounted a rather large 17in LCD in the dash. Key to Telsa's future will be the evolution of lithium-ion battery technology. Tesla Motors claiming the new Model S can travel up to 300 miles on a single charge, but the battery will still take 45 minutes to quick-recharge.

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