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Submission + - Scammers sell free Wii homebrew and make $8000/mo (

marcansoft writes: "Several sites have popped up over the past months that are selling free Wii homebrew software. These sites are making upwards of $8000/month on sales to unsuspecting users, via Google keyword advertisements and affiliate programs. The homebrew tools are bundled with utilities that enable the use of copied games. Quoting the owner of a recently sold site: "The site runs on complete autopilot, the affiliates are doing all the work [...] Overall, it requires less than 30 minutes work per day". The site was sold for $30k. We have been taking some minor actions like preventing hotlinking where we can, adding scam warning screens, and contacting the ISPs of these sites, but nothing has ever had much lasting effect. What can be done, if anything, against these people? I would love to hear the opinion of slashdotters about this, especially any who Actually Are Lawyers."

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