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Comment Re:a wet blanket (Score 1) 105

If they are planning on releasing this thing on the road in the next six years, they need to have tech that is just being refined at this point.

The article is about research into different ways to organize traffic among autonomous vehicles. Its practicality will be limited until manual driving is banned, and it's not at all necessary for their 2020 goal. The first autonomous vehicles will be designed to operate among unpredictable manually-driven cars and will drive in lines like the rest of us.

Comment Re:The real downside. (Score 1) 362

PHP's biggest problem are the 90%+ of the "PHP Programmers" who are abhorrently bad at programming in general, and think they're programmers simply because they wrote a little bit of HTML with embedded PHP, or installed Wordpress *shudder*.

I think it's biggest problem is the 90%+ of "PHP Programmers" who are abhorrently bad at programming in general and think they're programmers simply because they implement/maintain PHP itself.

Comment Re:Whats the difference... (Score 1) 486

I didn't believe you on the $10k for a new 1992 F-150, but a quick Googling reveals that you're about right. Still, adjusting for inflation, the price of an F-150 hasn't changed much over the last few 20-year intervals with the exception that, adjusting for inflation, a 2012 model costs ~20% more than a 1992 model did. I admit that 20% is significant, but there are other manufacturers with offerings more in line with the 1992 price. If people are hurting over the cost of a new truck, I don't think it's because the cost has changed.

Also, those cheap, rugged, and forever-lasting trucks are still around, and farmers can still go buy them. New cars, like new sofas, are a luxury and always have been. I drive a $40k car; I paid $10k for it used.

Comment Re:Great idea (Score 1) 172

I don't get it. In my country, any store selling electronics is required by law to accept old electronics of the same type for recycling, free of charge, regardless of whether it was sold at that store or not. Isn't this a common practice?

It is common practice to recycle equipment free of charge. It's also common to include in the original sale a deposit which is returned to the customer when the equipment is brought back for recycling.

Apple's program pays (with store credit) people for recycling their used electronics. Whose country is better now?

Comment Re:Economies of scale (Score 1) 82

180 million units per year for Linux based Android platforms does funny things to pricepoints and toolchains.

For instance?

You can get a full-blown Linux that supports programming in C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, Ada, and Go through the GNU Compiler Collection - and drivers to support all of these for almost any imaginable peripheral in a generation one platform.

Only the Go front-end showed up after Android, and while I'm a fan of Go, it really isn't a significant language right now. Otherwise, we have spent the last several years (before Android) enjoying the rest of the features you mentioned.

And pricepoint? It was all free to begin with.

Comment Re:More expensive crap that will break (Score 1) 125

Personally I like a nice crisp day where the temp is -10F with little to no wind.

I respect your effort, but I'd like to point out that the Canadian to which you responded will object that -10F is not even close to crisp. The minimum conditions to satisfy "crisp" is -35F with 25 mph winds, and this is still considered brisk and invigorating.

Comment Re:OpenBSD Rock Solid OS without fluf. (Score 1) 112

You are comparing a complete distribution to a kernel? Try comparing it (and it's pathetic application and arch support) to a decent one running the linux kernel.

That's the problem: the Linux kernel is more capable (in terms of features, performance, and other areas I have not thought to list), but there is no decent Linux distribution. Userspace is what matters, and OpenBSD is simply the best Unix/Unix-like distribution out there. As a bonus, the kernel is good enough, clearly-written, and extremely well-documented.

Comment Re:How about with some flavor (Score 1) 840

Oh yeah, don't forget to throw it away if it comes in a can. Cans are for garbage.

No, cans are for recycling. The nearest glass recycling plant is well over a thousand miles away from me, so bottles go in the garbage. Cans also keep out light, which I understand can affect the flavor of the beer.

Cans are better for the beer and less wasteful. A few of the microbreweries in my city have started canning their most popular brews for these reasons.

Comment Re:In Perspective (Score 1) 73

At 3000 miles wide, this "storm" is about 40% the diameter of the Earth.

Typhoon Tip was 1380 miles in diameter, so 3000 miles isn't that impressive considering the difference in size between Earth and Saturn.

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