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Comment Re:ABM systems equal escalation? (Score 1) 68

That's the logic. It's all about stability. If I'm Russia, and I think the US is about to develop a real working ABM system, then the clock is ticking on the use of my missiles. Maybe I should gamble on a first strike to wipe out US missiles. If I don't, then later the US can launch a first strike without fear of retaliation.

Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 1) 383

1- he represents not more of the same

Nobody can argue with that.

2- he is not a traitor to his country like HRC

Are we talking Benghazi or Vince Foster?

3- he has never got an American killed through action or inaction

Then he's never had real power in this country.

4- he didn't carpet bag the NY Senate seat

By which you mean: win a majority of votes in NY.

5- he says whatever he wants. he does not bow down to the racist SJW haters

This is only a virtue if what he wants to say is worth while. I'm glad he was able to stand up in a Republican primary and call the Iraq war a stupid, horrible mistake, 13 years late, but still. Most of what he has to say is ignorant bullshit, though.

6- he has worked in the real world. he is not a life long leach on the tax payers who never held a real job (HRC)

I'm pretty sure Trump's held fewer "real jobs" than Hillary, and he's apparently a leach on anybody who tries to do business with him.

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