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Comment Re: Change the law (Score -1, Troll) 1430

Irony is that the progressive douchelords in the press were all expecting Trump supporters to be violent when they lost, instead it was the precious snowflakes being paid off by Soros when Trump won by the rules. Shrillery has never played by the rules and now it is apparent that they are feeding money through Stien to try and steal it. Where is Al Franken? If the electoral college does not select Trump, there will not be riots, there will be anarchy. Can you snowflakes handle the heat? Are you all prepped up in Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and Boston? Got your food and ammo? An extra battery for the iPhone is not a weapon. Think the military and police will be on your side or the other side? Who do you think is better prepared for chaos just based on geography and population density - red or blue? Bring it Alinskyites, the book does not talk about real opposition, only propaganda! It will not be a knife fight.

Comment Re:I'm suspicious (Score 1) 119

BTW - The FCC under Bush did exactly the same thing at the request of the incoming Obama administration. Time to take a deep breath snowflakes!

As Rep. Henry Waxman and Senator Jay Rockefeller noted during the 2008 Presidential transition, it would be counterproductive for the FCC to consider complex and controversial items that the new Congress and new Administration will have an interest in reviewing," Upton and Walden wrote. "We strongly urge you to concentrate the Commission's attention and resources only on matters that require action under the law and efforts to foster the success of the broadcast incentive auction."

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