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Submission + - Unlike US Polling, Slashdot Poll Favors Pense over Kaine 3 to 1... but Why? (slashdot.org)

Bob_Who writes: Why do so many people feel the that Mike Pence won the debate?

I do not believe that they do. I think that we are seeing a phenomenon in which these results in no way reflect reality. It would be interesting if there was a thorough analysis to understand if this is due to AstroTurf, the tendencies of red team and blue team players, or the actions of a few obsessive Trumpsters that know the end is near. We'll see on election day how the skewed results here in no way resemble reality. I'm more interested in understanding why that may be, exactly; there may be deeper insights as to why polls don't represent opinion nearly as much as they try to influence and distort it.

Perhaps, it tells the truth with lies and it tells lies with the truth. Either way, its bullshit, which ain't good for much, but fertilizer.

Come on Slashdot, any data you care to share on this hypothesis? I'd love to see something bloom that makes the stench worth tolerating.

Submission + - Sprint, Walmart launch Common Cents mobile (broadbandreports.com)

Bob_Who writes: As reported on BroadBandRreports, Sprint and Walmart launch Common Cents mobile. Can call it Common Cents or Boost or Virgin or Sprint, its still not as good a deal as you think. Prepay Common Cents cellular at .07 a minute / per text still boils down to $20/mo. bottom line, for some, since your minutes may expire monthly. Its half of the 39.99*/mo price point on my Sprint two year contract (*$46 or so, after surcharges & fees). We must, once again, buy another unnecessary cellphone to add to our collection of toxic land fill. The fact that my old Sprint phone can't be used on this SPRINT network is not only ludicrous, it should be a crime and as harshly dealt with as an oil spill.

No matter how you slice and dice it, cellular is and will always be a TOTAL RIP OFF because it is in the hands of a few corporate monsters who have claimed the bandwidth and have every intention of extorting every possible penny from the market until our dying day, or thereafter, if possible. Until we actually have competition in the market, or we rewrite the LAW we are paying too much.

Gouging the citizens for the benefit of the shareholders may be legal and ethical, but IMHO its immoral and uncivilized to screw the 'many' for the benefit of the 'few'.

Ultimately, we need to change all corporate commerce, or else "eat the rich" will be the new populous slogan.

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