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Submission + - A Look at CERN's LHC Grid-computing architecture (hpcwire.com)

blair1q writes: Using a 5-tiered architecture (from CERN's central computer at Tier 0 to individual scientists' desk/lap/palmtops at Tier 5), CERN is distributing LHC data and computation across resources worldwide to achieve aggregate computational power unprecedented in high-energy physics research. As an example, "researchers can sit at their laptops, write small programs or macros, submit the programs through the AliEn system, find the necessary ALICE data on AliEn servers and then run their jobs" on upper-tier systems. The full grid comprises small computers, supercomputers, compute clusters, and mass-storage data centers. This system allows 1,000 researchers at 130 organizations in 34 countries to crunch the data, which are disgorged at a rate of 1.25 GB per second from the LHC's detectors.

Submission + - Pentagon hacker demands Government payback (thinq.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: Autistic hacker Gary McKinnon has called on the newly-elected British Government to put its money where its mouth is and tear up his extradition order.

Both David Cameron, the newly elected Prime Minister, and Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime minister, voiced their support for McKinnon's campaign against extradition to the US on charges of hacking into US military and NASA computers, looking for evidence of UFOs.
Cameron's coalition partner, Clegg had even joined McKinnon's mother, Janis Sharp on a protest march.

Many politicians in the new Government rallied behind McKinnon, whose hobby-hacking from his girlfriend's flat in Wood Green, North London, attracted the attention of US military cyber intelligence agents in 2002. McKinnon was diagnosed with autism while fighting the extradition order in court.

The US extradition relied on its insistence that McKinnon had intentionally caused $700,000 of damage to their computers.

McKinnon's solicitor, Karen Todner, wrote to the Home Secretary yesterday, asking whether, the new Liberal Conservative government will act upon their previous public statements that it would be unjust to extradite Mr McKinnon.


Submission + - 5 lessons the kids at Facebook need to learn (infoworld.com)

GMGruman writes: After being thoroughly spanked for its privacy sins, Facebook may — just may — finally be ready to listen to its users. InfoWorld's pseudonynous blogger Robert X. Cringely has a few NSFW words for the kids at Facebook in the form of 5 lessons the company really needs to learn, starting with pulling its head out of its a** and dealing with the ongoing privacy and security problems for real.
The Internet

Submission + - 7Million UK Broadband Users Download Illegal Files (ispreview.co.uk) 3

MJackson writes: "An advisor to the UK government, the Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property Policy (SABIP), has published the results of two recently commissioned literature reviews into intellectual property and the behaviours of Digital Consumers in the online world. The studies reveal that approximately 7 million people in the UK are involved with illegal file sharing, accounting for over half of the country's total Internet traffic. The governments Lord Carter is expected to outline his plans for tackling this problem when, sometime over the next few weeks, he reveals the final Digital Britain report. Disconnecting users from their ISP is unlikely to be an option but could still appear."

Submission + - Singh is not King of the world (youtube.com) 1

kavish writes: "I do not think that "Singh is King of the world". Only a few days back movie Singh is king was released. This movie proved a huge hit, especially among Punjabi people. This movie made Aksya Kumar,the leading actor of this movie, a superstar. The title of this movie and a song in this movie declared ---Singhs are Kings of this world (Sikhs are duniya de Raje).That means the people of whole rest of the world are their subjects. I totally disagree with this concept. I totally disapprove that Singhs are Kings of this world. Singh have a great history, golden history, full of sacrifices, full of courage, they have great literature-Gurbaani, spiritual poetry of saints, great music, great dance-Bhangra and Gidda. They have a die hard spirit. Their history is full of Qurbaani and gurbaani. They have so much to be proud of. Why to make such an egoistic declaration-Singhs are Kings of the world"
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IPv6 Adoption Up 300 Percent Over 2 Years 425

Mark.J - ISPreview writes "The Number Resource Organization, which is made up of the five Regional Internet Registries, has revealed that the rate of new entrants into the IPv6 routing system has increased by 300% over the past two years. The news is important because IPv4 addresses (e.g., which are assigned to your computer periodically, are running out. IPv6 addressing (e.g. 2ffe:1800:3525:3:200:f8ff:fe21:67cf) was invented as a longer and more secure replacement." IPv6 is still gaining ground slowly, particularly in the US.

Amazon Launches Public Data Sets To Spur Research 82

turnkeylinux writes "Amazon just launched its Public Data Sets service (home). The project encourages developers, researchers, universities, and businesses to upload large (non-confidential) data sets to Amazon — things like census data, genomes, etc. — and then let others integrate that data into their own AWS applications. AWS is hosting the public data sets at no charge for the community, and like all of AWS services, users pay only for the compute and storage they consume with their own applications. Data sets already available include various US Census databases, 3-D chemical structures provided by Indiana University, and an annotated form of the Human Genome from Ensembl."

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