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Journal Journal: I changed history last week 5

And unlike in "All You Zombies", I didn't need a U.S.F.F. Coordinates Transformer Field Kit, series 1992, Mod II to do it.

As you can see from this excerpt from Wikipedia, the first country to pass a same sex marriage law was the Netherlands, in December of 2000.


21 December: Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands signs into law the first same-sex marriage bill in the world. It had previously cleared the country's Senate on 19 December in a 49â"26 vote and the House of Representatives on 12 September in a 109â"33 vote. The law came into effect on 1 April 2001.

Of course, Canada screwed that up just fine:


14 January: Two same-sex marriages are performed at the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto in Ontario, Canada (2-1/2 months before the Netherlands law came into force). Although registration of the marriages was initially denied, a successful court challenge upheld their legality on 10 June 2003, thus retroactively making them the first legal same-sex marriages in modern times.

Not so fast there ... the first marriage of two same sex women that is legally recognized was in Quebec, April 1976 - a quarter century before the Netherlands. It gained legal recognition by the government as a same-sex marriage more than 40 years later, on July 15, 2016.

Now if that sounds totally f'ed up, then you know it has to involve me, and my 35 years of work trying to modify the name and sex on my birth certificate, running into one delay after another, and a very recent law change with totally unexpected consequences that has my kids and me laughing :-)

My application was pre-approved years ago, but I ran into lots of problems, and until just before Christmas last year, it was expensive - something I just couldn't afford because of all my health problems, and before that having to quit my job because my boss bounced a month's worth of pay cheques and then tried to make it look like I had agreed to work as an independent contractor, and too many other problems many of you are familiar with, so finalizing it kept getting put off.

Then a few years ago, they said the procedure was being changed, and it would be both quicker and cheaper - just wait a year to pass the new law.

Of course, the new law took a lot more than a year to pass, and then everything was ready to go ---- and if you believe that bullshit, you'll believe anything the government tells you.

Add a couple more years leaving people in limbo because now they had to come up with the legal and other procedures for actually applying the law. A lot of people probably said to hell with the wait and went with the old procedure.

Finally, I saw that they were now able to take new applications, got the forms, gathered up all the stuff needed, and was just waiting on one of my sisters to sign an affidavit saying she knew me and I understood the seriousness of all this.

After weeks of "not today, maybe next week", she said to email the docs to her and she'd look at them. And after more weeks of "not this week, I'm busy", a second request to email them to her so she could look at them. Like I told my endocrinologist, it was pretty obvious she was avoiding it. Afterwards, one of my neighbors said she would have done it immediately, but I didn't want to impose on her. Oh well.

Finally she did, and I took the paperwork downtown, and was told it would take 4 months. Turns out that because it had been pre-approved all those years ago, they could skip part of the evaluation, so it took less than three.

Now if it had happened a year ago, 5 years ago, a decade ago, all that would have been changed was my name and sex on my birth certificate. The cover letter they sent said this:

Please not that the required changes were made to your act of birth and your act of marriage registered to the registrar of civil status. The change to your given names was also entered on the act of birth of your children.

So my marriage from 1976 - by the Catholic church of all places (no, I was an atheist even back then) is now legally recognized as being between two women, and my kids have two women as their parents - and all the documentation available shows this.

I cannot even ask for a copy without the changes. Neither can anyone else. My kids are like me - they find it hilarious.

BTW - here no church or municipality is in charge of, nor may they keep or issue, records of birth or marriage. So even the Pope can't claim that the Catholic church doesn't do same sex marriages.

And everyone who didn't run into these delays got screwed out of "first same sex marriage post."

It doesn't make up for the decades of problems, but it's something to laugh about, and we all need a good laugh once in a while. :-) Besides, zombies try to preserve the timeline. I'm not a zombie.

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Journal Journal: The USA in 50 years? 32

Anyone care to share their perspective?

I'm not giving it more than 50 years. Doesn't matter who is elected, once disparity between the top and bottom becomes to wide, once those in the middle see that no matter what they do, they're going to continue to risk being part of the bottom, and those on the bottom rungs realize that this is their lot in life, "citizen" is no longer a source of pride.

Add to that endless undeclared wars with no clear goals (the last time congress declared war was in 1942) and the racism that was a characteristic of the country even before it was founded, even after fighting a civil war over it, still being in the headlines daily, and the insistence on clinging to a 2nd Amendment that threatens the basic security and freedom from fear of citizens, and the US no longer being a world superpower that can dictate policy with impunity, challenged now by both Russia (who annexed the Crimea with no problems) and China (South China Sea, and about to replace the US as the world's largest economy), and something has to give. Ultimately, the USA is no more capable of stopping a bloc of states from seceding than it was in stopping Russia. 50 years maximum.


Journal Journal: Trump's Attack Lines On This Are Spot On 12

Trump's attack lines on this are spot on:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump - 7:01pm  12 Jul 2016

        Bernie Sanders endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs.


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump - 7:03pm  12 Jul 2016

        Bernie sanders has abandoned his supporters by endorsing pro-war pro-TPP pro-Wall Street Crooked Hillary Clinton.

Those are valid statements. I find it hard to to argue with these.

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Journal Journal: An Ask Slashdot that actually provided useful information.

I posted this questionAnd SumDog replied with something that made me rethink things ...

worked at an all open source shop (religiously so even), yet their blind (completely blind) accessibility engineer was one of two people in the 200 person company running Windows. The other was a graphics designer that needed Photoshop and Illustrator.

If a graphics designer can figure it out, maybe I just needed to not get frustrated as quickly ... then again, at the time I was running linux, and the screen reader support was abysmal.

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Journal Journal: Also? 8

Where on EARTH is the /. UI for starting a journal entry? LOL!

I don't know how it's done, if you don't just know to navigate

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Journal Journal: Hey Musk - there's zero chances in a billion that we are a simulation. 3

Aside from the faulty "logic", there's also the problem that even if we were to convert every atom of many parallel universes into computronium, it just wouldn't work.

Unlike a rock that just sits there and a rain drop splashes on it, you would need to be continuously modeling the various particles that make up the rock, the rain drop, the environment, and the rest of the universe, AND their interactions. That's way more complex than a 3-body problem. The heat generated to do these computations would make the big bang look like cheap effects.

"Oh, so just slow it down!" Slowing it down enough means that the universes that you're using to do these computations, and the further universes that you are using to power them, would have already decayed to randomness thanks to entropy long before we get to now. And let's not forget that they would be so massive that they would have crunched into black holes long before that point, so forget about a stable computing environment that can be controlled from the outside, or even observed to fix anything.

Entropy - it happens at all scales.

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Journal Journal: PC privilege makes for lies 9

So now I'm a transphobic misogynist with internalized trandsphobia. Why? Because a few days ago I dared use the words "normal people" in a discussion, and "some people" - the majority in the lgbt-whatever alphabet cloud take that as a slur against trans-whatevers.

I was arguing that we should speak plainly if we want people to understand what we're saying and where we're coming from. Apparently, using "normal" instead of "cisgender" is a YUGE slur. Even though everyone understands "normal people", and cisgender only entered the vernacular recently, and the general population has an easier time grokking "normal."

Sure, defensive people who are quick to be offended for no reason whatsoever will be offended. They are the typical SJWs - using their perch of perceived holy political correctness to beat up on someone for whatever. Of course, I don't let crap like that stand, so I made a *lot* of enemies that day.

"Gender-speak" is continually modified to get further and further away from both reality and comprehension. Case in point:

  • originally it was called a sex change, and everyone knew (and still knows) what it means - but you're not supposed to use that term any more - because of whatever ...
  • then it was called SRS, for sex reassignment surgery. A bit cumbersome, but for anyone who couldn't figure out the meaning, the light came on when the person they were talking to said "sex change." But you aren't supposed to use that term any more either, because, like sex change, it implies that the person wasn't always that sex.
  • up next was gender reassignment surgery - which again has to be explained to the non-cognoscenti, who don't live and breathe this stuff, as "sex change." But you're not supposed to use that any more either.
  • Today it's gender affirming or gender-confirming surgery. (BTW: this person was an obvious mistake. After 4 months of saying they were happy with the results, they went from British Columbia to Quebec and back, just to set a fire because obviously it didn't lead to magical results - nothing would - and it's also not PC to say so), It implies there's no change going on - just positive affirmations, like a new-age cult. And again, when people don't understand what the heck you're talking about, whisper "sex change" ... just because, okay?

And they wonder why I use the term "normal people" when describing the rest of the population. Sheesh!.

So after a lot of exchanged words that remind me of so many trolls, I put aside all political correctness.

You're free to use whatever terms you want. So am I. If you have a problem with that, that's entirely your problem, so stop the insults and name-calling.

Cisgender woman is a made-up term of very recent origin that isn't understood by "normal people" all that much The terms biological woman, xx-woman, born woman, etc. are accurate in conveying meaning to the listener. When political correctness interferes with communication, screw political correctness.

Being hypersensitive to the truth makes us look stupid to normal people. I will not ever bow to political correctness at the expense of speaking plainly and making it clear what I am trying to get across - I'll leave that for the politicians and those who are ashamed of what they are.

We are not normal women. Normal women have a uterus. We do not. Normal women don't have to take estrogen because they have ovaries. We do not. Normal women don't have to undergo regular prostate checks, but they have to have pap smears. Normal women also have periods until they hit menopause; then they get hot flashes. We do not. We can't get pregnant - ever, so no birth control needed. No testes either.

By refusing to highlight the differences, you let people draw their own conclusions or fall prey to rumors. And thanks to the LGBT continually trying to blur the distinction between us and agender, bi-gender, cross-dresser, drag queen, gender-queer, gender-fucked, etc., many think of us in terms of cross-dressers, gays, and lesbians. Bathroom bills are just the blowback from all this refusal to talk straight. We didn't have these problems 30 years ago. It wasn't on anyone's radar.

But keep refusing to be honest and open, and instead use wording that obscures what and why we are. Sounds to me like you're the ones with the internalized transphobia - you desperately want to keep your status secret, even though you say passing isn't important.

Nice quick way to get permanently blocked :-)

And of course the ass-hole throwing around many of the accusations was a gay ammo-sexual transman. Same as the last time. Before that, it was a couple of gay cross-dressers. It's always the self-anointed SJWs and the gays who want to tell us what we can and cannot say. It's the 2016 version of 1984's newspeak.

The proof is in the pudding

I'm for openness. I practice it in my personal life, and I see the consequences of doing otherwise. If someone was to slip on a lab coat and pretend they were a doctor, and give you a physical (it's happened) they would be charged with sexual assault. And yet cross-dressers don't get that when they grind up against and swap spit with some guy who doesn't know and isn't an informed participant (and as such cannot give informed consent), they're the ones screaming "hate crime." If all you got was a punch in the face, you got off easy. Better than a criminal record and an entry on the sex offenders list.

Instead of addressing the problem, every year there's a "trans day of remembrance." It's bullshit through and through. Transsexuals have a lower murder rate than the rest of the wold - even when you add in all the cross-dressers and other people who foolishly think they're immune to crossing boundaries and using others to get their link on. It's not a hate problem. It's a race problem. Non-whites are disproportionately over-represented. The average white transsexual is safer than a member of the general population - possibly for having the good sense of not doing stupid things.

Some will label this as victim-blaming. As George Carlin said, "you're full of shit." When a cross-dresser commits the felony of sexual assault, they've got to take the blame, same as anyone who commits a crime has to answer for all the fall-out, same as if you kill someone while driving drunk, even if you didn't expect or mean to kill someone, just have some fun. But it's not politically correct to say any of this, just like it's not politically correct to say that cross-dressers are not the same as transsexuals nowadays. No wonder people are confused and pushing bathroom laws.

More pudding

A few days ago new neighbors moved in. I talked with them for about an hour. The next day I dropped in on them to see how they were doing and one of the women (her mom was the other woman) said that she needed a hammer to remove a shelf or the fridge wouldn't fit - too tall.

Me: So I said "Okay, I'll get you a hammer. You'll also need a screwdriver."

"You have a hammer?"

"Sure. That's one of the advantages of a sex change - all that experience from my previous life. Hope you don't mind?"

"Oh, no, not a problem at all" etc etc.

I guess women aren't supposed to have a full toolbox ... (shrug). :-)

Today they came up to ask me if I had a key to the locker room for the cable guy. If they had any problems with me, they would have asked another neighbor.

By being open, I eliminated rumors and misinformation from others, as well as communicating that I'm not ashamed of who and what I am. Not like all those who want to hide reality because they, deep down, are ashamed no matter what they say on the net. Actions speak much louder than words.

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Journal Journal: The end of an era 17

I just found out that one of the transvestites who has spend most of the last 2 decades harassing transsexual women is dead. This is the same one who was fired after I complained to their employer about cyber-stalking and they called the police in to investigate.

In following up, I came across something his daughter wrote about the family's time together before her parents divorced, and how he never worked and spent her mom's paycheck even before she came home with it.

This is how the person who should be the closest to him will remember him. Spending the last decade on-line in a one-room bedsit for the homeless attacking transsexuals, with probably over 100,000 hate-filled posts (the count was 68,000 almost 10 years ago). What a sad waste of a life.

Almost can't believe that I feel sorry for him, but many of us will breathe a sigh of relief knowing it's finally over.

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Journal Journal: The Greatest Privacy Policy Ever... 9

In Mainah-speak, I'd say that this privacy policy is, "A riaght pissah." (That spelling looks about right. For those not in the 'know' I'm kind of fond of the various American dialects and the various colorful olloquialisms. I'm also missing home.)

Anyhow, I want to quote it but I don't want to steal the guy's thunder. So, you seriously need to see this:

As in, seriously... It's amusing, informative, interesting, and insightful - all at the same time. I kind of want to host with the guy but I don't think I've anything that's server-appropriate. He's just got one server and probably has quite a few people on it.

Actually, my spying button says they've only got 14 domains hosted on the one server and he's got a single Debian box at Linode.

At any rate, that page needs more attention. It's quite funny. It's the best privacy policy that I've seen lately.

Speaking of which, I have to/want to do some custom error pages. I know the mechanism but I lack the creativity to do something enjoyable with them. I gotta find something creative to do with 'em. Maybe random redirects, just to screw with people.

If anyone's interested in checking out my project, lemme know. There's a bunch of goals but the idea of the site is generally fostering a place for intelligent discourse/civil discussion. The idea being that it's possible to remain civil while debating or discussing any topic and the site tries to make that possible while offering a number of ways to participate as a registered or anonymous user. The entire thing is also an attempt to demonstrate something (in the manner of a wager that is still ongoing) where it must be entirely self-funding - it's a bit of a competition against "traditional" social media which I think is unnecessary but not overly evil, in and of itself. This was the best idea I could come up with to demonstrate my belief and, if nothing else, it has been rather fun and it has been great to relearn a lot of stuff.

It's oddly timed but the site is moving to a new server shortly but that actually has nothing to do with the site that I linked to. I found that site by clicking around the Chrome extension site and it looked like an interesting name for a hosting company, so I clicked. Then it didn't appear to be much of a hosting site. So, I clicked around and the privacy policy was what I clicked on. And then I giggled like a little schoolgirl. :/

Oh, it's if you're curious about the project. I'll just link it here, instead of in the comments or by email. Feel free to stop by, sign up, whatever. Basically, anyone that participates gets turned into an author eventually. Ideally, the site will self-fund and be handed off to a committee of site participants who can then decide how it is run in perpetuity. I've actually had a couple of similar projects in the past. However, it has been a long time since I've done any coding, tweaking, editing, and whatnot. So, I've (re)learned a lot and it's great 'cause it's keeping me busy while I wait a while longer as I'm still trying to get permission to go to Cuba before I return to Maine.

I don't think I'm going to get to go.

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Journal Journal: F*ck the toxic LGBT community 177

Political correctness has gotten to the point where anyone is transgender, even if it's only a guy saying "I prefer cats - that's my feminine side" or a gal saying "I love my shotgun - that's my masculine side," they too can claim the label. Meanings have become so blurred that it's considered bad manners to call bullshit because you might offend that one poster who claimed his girlfriend has a penis and she enjoys it. That's not a transsexual - that's a gay transvestite transgenderist and you're also gay - just admit it already.

The stupidity from the entire LGBT community, as expressed on Facebook over the last year, made me re-examine previous assumptions. Some examples:

What was wrong with civil unions?

I was in favor of same-sex marriage long before it became popular. I was saying "Why deprive gays of the joys of divorce?"

But upon re-examination, marriage is a civil union. Nothing more, nothing less. The state regulates it under state laws, not any other organization. The state licenses it, and the state approves individual licenses and regulates the dissolution of marriages. Not a church or other group.

So what is the difference between marriage and any other civil union? Just like civil unions, marriages preserve many individual rights while granting others and imposing some obligations and restrictions. Marriage and civil unions allow the other partner to make decisions in medical care, jointly adopt, and pool assets. The only difference is that civil unions can set additional conditions that marriage cannot, and civil unions also envisage relationships that have nothing to do with marriage.

I think it would have been better to just pass a declaration that recognizes that all marriages are civil unions, and to be known henceforth as such. End all the mysticism surrounding the term marriage by deprecating it.

Would I undo same-sex marriage laws? Of course not - but in retrospect, the whole mess could have been handled much better by sticking to the facts - that marriage is a civil union.

The meaninglessness of the word "transgender"

Historically, this whole mess can be laid at the foot of the cross-dressing community, starting with Virginia Prince (Arnold Lowman). Prince mis-appropriated the term transgender thus:

In other works, Prince also helped popularize the term 'transgender', and erroneously asserted that she coined transgenderist and transgenderism, words which she meant to be understood as describing people who live as full-time women, but have no intention of having genital surgery. Prince also consistently argued that transvestism is very firmly related to gender, as opposed to sex or sexuality.[8] Her use of the term "femmiphile" related to the belief that the term "transvestite" had been corrupted, intending to underline the distinction between heterosexual crossdressers, who act because of their love of the feminine, and the homosexuals or transsexuals who may cross-dress.[1][10][11] Princeâ(TM)s idea of a "true transvestite" was clearly distinguished from both the homosexual and the transsexual, claiming that true transvestites are "exclusively heterosexual... The transvestite values his male organs, enjoys using them and does not desire them removed."

That is a far cry from transsexuals, and the continued attempts by the LGBT community to blur the distinction so as to legitimize cross-dressing and other behaviours is both dishonest and seriously misguided, because now in the public mind transgender can mean anything, including transsexual.

It's gotten to the point that transgenderists insist that making the distinction between full-time cross-dressers and transsexuals is both wrong and "harmful to the community." Oddly enough, it's gay men, some of whom are cross-dressers, that are the most vocal in their attacks, which are only directed at male-to-female transsexuals. An example was a recent attack by a gay female-to-male transsexual saying that male-to-female transsexuals are cross-dressers, mimicking perfectly the accusations of transvestites. WTF? Another was by a gay cross-dresser who, after being invited to a discussion after misrepresenting himself as a male-to-female transsexual, started the whole "you're really just men in dresses" thing.

In the end, transgender means everything and nothing - it's a label that's as solid as Jello, and like Jello, impossible to nail down.

Organized LGBT discrimination against transsexuals

Why would LGBT groups and individuals want to beat up on transsexuals? One thing that becomes obvious over time is that they resent the fact that transsexualism by it's very nature tends to confirm the traditional heteronormative gender binary - especially male-to-female transsexuals. Female-to-male transsexuals get a pass on this accusation, same as they aren't accused of being cross-dressers by many in the LGBT community, not even by cross-dressers.

The Human Rights Coalition is a good example of the systemic nature of their toxic view of male-to-female transsexuals among their own workers.

"Leadership culture is experienced as homogenous â" gay, white, male"

One of the most frequent concerns that rose was the sense of an organizational culture rooted in a white, masculine orientation which is judgemental of all those who donâ(TM)t fit that mold,â the report states in summarizing its survey findings. âoeDisparate treatment toward women and those with 'soft skills' was frequently cited by staff â" both men and women â" and there is a sense that if you operate outside of that orientation, you will not be successful at HRC."

"Younger staff in particular are exploited and not rewarded financially." Another said, "Straight women and lesbians get sexist treatment from gay men at HRC."

No wonder people there wait years to transition publicly. With friends like these, I'd rather be dealing with fundamentalist Christians. Many of them change their attitudes once they get to know us personally.

People in "the community" say I should stop criticizing because it will hurt the community. My response nowadays is "Big f*cking deal. My community is family, friends, and neighbours. I am not part of your community, never have been, and never will be. There were no 'bathroom bills' until you guys got involved. People didn't make a habit of mis-identifying us as 'perverted cross-dressers'."

The "LGBT Community"

As I pointed out above, I don't buy into the whole concept, and from the responses I've seen I'm not the only one. People get beaten up in the local gay ghetto, but are afraid to leave it because they've bought into the lie that the rest of the world is even more hostile. This is not a supportive community - it's toxic as all hell. I don't know where the gay village is, but I do know I don't want to go there.

Transsexuals already had the backing of the medical community before the modern gay rights movement. Unlike the LGBTs, we didn't resort to violent public protests - we didn't need to. Nevertheless, the community continues to spread disinformation linking us to them, saying such things as "it was a transsexual who threw the first rock at Stonewall," when it was actually a transvestite.

It's so bad that if you're a transsexual, people automatically assume you're gay. While numbers vary depending on who you believe, about 30%-50% of heterosexual male-to-female transsexuals change their sexual orientation post-transition. Another large chunk are bi; only a minority are lesbians. Whodathunkit? And those who do switch are the gay community's worst fear - demonstrating that many transsexuals affirn the conventional heteronormative gender binary that they see as the oppressor.

The whole mental illness thing

This is a complicated question, and one that, on closer examination, I have to give a qualified "yes" to the mental illness argument. I know, what a shocker! The current argument, which I agree with, is that transsexuality itself is a physical condition, not a mental disorder, and that it's the mind (assuming male-to-female transsexuals) that is not completely masculinized before birth, giving rise to the condition.

So far, so good. The problem is, we have no studies of how many people who also had brains that did not completely masculinize do not suffer from gender dysphoria (the resultant distress of the brain saying "these are the wrong parts").

We know that schizophrenia is a mental illness with its' roots in the physical brain, but we don't hesitate to call the disease itself a mental disease. We don't hesitate to call PTSD a mental disorder, even though its' cause is experiencing an external physical event that is so horrific that it has a severe impact on the person. Ditto for major depressive disorder.

So why the change from Gender Identity Disorder to Gender Dysphoria? In practical terms of treating it, there is no difference for transsexuals. However, the looser criteria have allowed non-transsexual transgenders to claim that they too fall under the same global umbrella. The same change that allowed transsexuals to escape the label of mental illness is very appealing to transgenderists searching for legitimacy.

If we use the original definition of a mental disorder as a mental condition that interferes with the patients' ability to cope with the world around them (such as negatively affecting their mood, thinking, and behavior), we are left with the fact that both Gender Identity Disorder and Gender Dysphoria certainly seem to describe the impact on mental functioning to a physical problem - in other words, a mental disorder.

Given the huge comorbidity with other mental disorders such as suicidal ideation, it may be time to re-examine some assumptions, and by this, I don't just mean disorders.

Is there really a difference between sex and gender? Even in transsexuals, the two are extremely tightly bound - treatment to reduce the difference between physical sex and perceived gender works with a 95-98% rate. It would be just as valid to state that treatment to reduce the difference between physical sex and perceived sex works. In chasing the idea that sex and gender are two different things in an attempt to explain transsexuality, we may have missed the obvious - it's only because of the "gender identity" concept that we miss the obvious - that it's all about sex. It's also why a perceived difference between perceived and physical sex causes distress in the first place. If they were completely separate, one would not impinge on the other, the same way that eye colour doesn't affect height.

Calling it gender identity instead of perceived sex led to the disassociation of the two. The concept of "gender identity" being separate from physical sex is hard for people to wrap their minds around; a lot harder than the correlation between physical sex and perceived sex, and the obvious problems that can be expected to arise when the two don't match. It also leads directly to the current alphabet soup of "genders" that is the transgendered community, and the confusion with transsexuals.

Screw that, and screw the LGBT "community", that loves using us to raise their profile for fund raising purposes and then continues to throw us under the bus. And those bathroom bills the LGBT community is "helping us fight?" Don't need your help. Permanent change will come via the courts if anyone is foolish enough to press charges. And considering they've already mistakenly arrested at least on xx woman, I'm not worried.

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Journal Journal: New Slashdot Feature - Paid Posts. 4

I didn't notice any update or information given from on-high but I will say that I am neither offended nor bothered by it and I appreciate the honest. I even made it a point to click through it. Odd, too, 'cause it required multiple clicks - my security software wasn't fond of it. No, it wasn't malicious, but it's an add and the MS MVPS Hosts file (incorporated in uMatrix & uBlock Origin) has that listed. So, I told it to temporarily allow it to pass. And it did.

So, Whipslash, congratulations. It's not intrusive, it's not misleading, it's not over-powering, it's not unacceptable. I, for one, appreciate that. I value that you took the time to do so without making it problematic or a burden to work around. Seriously, thanks. I might even click on a few - I might even go so far as to buy something from one of the companies. You never know... It could happen.

I'd just urge you all to not go overboard but I don't think that's going to be a problem. You've shown fine judgment so far and I've every reason to believe you'll continue to do so in the future. I'm thinking it's probably best to not allow comments in those threads - good choice. We've got our share of idiots here. Hell, we've got more than our share of idiots here.

So, thanks. Thanks for looking for *good* ways to monetize the site and to keep the site afloat. It being easy to notice is the icing on the cake. Others may disagree with me. I'm inclined to think they're idiots if they do. Unicorn farts only get you so far. Eventually, it has to have money.

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Journal Journal: So, this is interesting - Firefox... 14

It's fairly well known how I feel about Firefox. I don't like it much and I use it long enough to install Opera. It's default on most every Linux distro out there. I much prefer Opera. At the same time, I'm not some crazy zealot and I don't actively dislike Firefox. I don't uninstall it. I keep it updated, I use it once in a while, and it has its own special tabs that open by default when I open it. It gets used.

On the other hand, I've pretty much used Opera since 1998 or something like that. I don't even remember when I first found it. When I first found it, it would let you block images (such as ads) right from the browser itself. It was built in. It had "fit to width" which meant that you clicked a button and the width of the text filled the entire page. I seem to recall that you could actually adjust the margins for that somewhere. Then, not much later, it got tabs and the world went crazy with tabs not long after.

It was a start of a whole new adventure. Netscape ended up eventually turning into Mozilla. Microsoft got sued pretty handily for their market manipulations (which is a topic for another day). They also got popped for screwing with the world via their fake Java (or was it JavaScript? I'm kind of stoned - again - can tell I'm ready to go home).

And a whole bunch of new browsers came out - changing the web as we know it. No, really, the rest of the web changed as we know it. Opera had some impact on those changes and it was well worth the price I paid for the privilege to use their browser. I bought licenses for friends and I didn't even have much money back then. I liked Opera that much.

Anyhow, I've pretty much used Opera since then. There was one point, from about version to 15 to 23, that they really sucked and for that time, and that time only, they've not been my default browser - since about 1998. It was a fairly quick process, actually. They just POOF went retarded and changed from Presto to Chromium/Blink or whatever is under Chromium.

And it sucked. I'm not gonna lie about it just because I used them. No, they straight up sucked donkey balls. It was unstable, unwieldy, unsecured, and unacceptable. It really was unacceptable. I didn't go rail and rant at them. I didn't have to - people are STILL yelling at them and we're all the way on version 37 now. Dev is 38 and Stable is 36.

Anyhow, that's where I stand on Opera. I've said it before, I'll say it again. I don't care what browser you use. I use what works best for me. For a while, that was quite distinctly, anyone but Opera. At about version 23 it became tolerable again. At about 28 it became acceptable again. At about 31 it became good again. I've got some pretty high standards but at about version 24 I decided to switch back to Opera as my default and to go see if there was something I could do to help - it's open source. So far so good, except I've only given them one idea that they decided to act on. There's still a few more things that would be neat to see. I might actually write an extension myself to fix the remaining issue. That'll be neat.

As I was saying...

So, I read an AC post earlier. They said they were really surprised about the Developer version of Firefox. Now, I knew what the developer tools where and I knew there was a developer's edition and that the two are not the same.

If you're using one of the Ubuntu flavors or derivatives, then it's not the "firefox-dev" that you find by searching the app. In fact, you don't even really need to install it if you don't want. You can, there's a PPA for it. But, it's this version:

I kid you not... It's not bad, it's not bad at all. It's not only not bad - it's REALLY good. It's a whole different version than the regular Firefox. It's entirely different. Just extract it and run the firefox-bin and you're good to go. It's light, responsive, and... I'm not sure how to say this?

The developer tools? Err... There's more to them than you see in any other browser that I know of BUT... They're actually good. They're pretty good, even. I was kind of shocked. I still am. I've been beating the piss out of it all night. I started beating on it this afternoon. If you really hammer on it then I think it might grow into a memory leak over time - but I've not had it open that long. I've had a ton of tabs open in it. (No, not 500 like some of you weirdos.)

It's fantastically good. It really is. I can't stress that enough.

If you've not given Firefox a try lately or you've not tried the Aurora edition then give it a shot. Here's a slightly different link:

No, it's not going to become my new default browser. That's EXTREMELY unlikely. It will, on the other hand, take the place of one of the Opera versions in my line-up/order of procession. I use Opera beta as my default. I have the browsers set for different tasks. My next favorite is Developer. It opens its own set of tabs, has its own special folders on the speed dial, and sits on a second monitor or on its own virtual monitor. Then comes the stable version, if you're curious.

But... I think that Firefox is going to become the second browser. No, I know it's going to - or at least it's getting an extended audition as my second browser. The developer tools are really good. That's what I use Opera's for, I do the checking and configurations in that browser usually. Then I have the stable build open on a third physical or virtual monitor and that keeps my extended searches. If I'm researching something and want to have that open and read to stay with just a few tabs - that's the browser to do it with. (Then I might test in a few other browsers.)

So, no... It's good enough seeming, at this point and after this series of tests for the past dozen hours or so, like it is a very good browser. It's good enough for me to give it second place and that's saying something - I think. I am fast approaching 20 years with Opera. I am giving up a slot that's been devoted to Opera for a fairly decent portion of that 20 years. If I had to stop using Opera tomorrow AND if the developer build is as nice as it was to me today then I'd not mind switching.

As it is, I kind of neat to be ready to switch. Opera's sale to the Chinese company may go through and I'm not sure what direction they'll take the project. I was expecting to go to Vivaldi or Pale Moon or Chromium. If it happens that they destroy the browser beyond all repair, I'll go with Firefox developer as my main browser and work my way down from there. To be completely clear, I might not even mind the switch much at all. I'm really that impressed with the speed, display, resource usage, easy of access to the tools I want, and then some...

I can say this with 100% certainty. When I woke up this morning, I was not even remotely aware that I'd be saying this by this evening. Yes, yes I'm that impressed.

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Journal Journal: How old is "old"? 34

McGrew's latest journal entry made me think - "how old is old?" The suit that lets you feel what it's like to be old is one way to look at it. "Only as old as you feel?" But some days you can feel like a million bucks - old, grey, and wrinkled - and other days, it's a wonderful world. But there must be a generally-accepted number of when you're old.

I don't feel old. I don't look old. Yesterday I mentioned to another woman that I'll be 60 in 2 months and she was taken aback (and no, no makeup to hide anything - just estrogen therapy). But back in my mind, I always thought that 60 was almost ancient!

And yet, I look around at people more than a decade younger than me, and they look freaking OLD! Especially the smokers.

So how old is "old"?

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