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Submission + - Protestors Disrupt Murdoch Hearing (

stating_the_obvious writes: As the last questioner, Wendy Murdoch, was getting started with questions, an protestor attempted to attack Rupert Murdoch. Camera cut away immediately and hearings were paused for 10 minutes.

What is it about our society that has people feeling so disenfranchised from participation and yet so entitled to disrupt activities.


Submission + - SPAM: The World is Short of 160 Million Women

An anonymous reader writes: Mother Nature is quite good at making sure that for every 105 boys born, there are 100 girls to even up the odds. Unfortunately some of the world doesn’t seem to be listening to her anymore. In Asia, mainly as a result of sex-selective abortions, the natural order of things has been horribly distorted. In India you can up the odds to 112 boys for every 100 girls and in China, this shoots up to a crazy figure of 121. Unwanted girls are being aborted at 20 weeks gestation by means of ultra-sound technology.

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