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Comment Re:"Explore the synergies" will be worth it (Score 3, Funny) 58

Accenture is basically a giant body shop of consultants and no skill cheap contractors. Their consultants will blow smoke up your ass harder than a fully loaded 2 stroke marine diesel and their contractors suck harder than a black hole with daddy issues. I have twice dealt with Accenture at customer sites and I have never met one who wasn't just wasting my valuable oxygen.

Comment Re:Can't blame NASA (Score 1) 165

I don't want us to be wold police and have argued long against it. Unfortunately because we have played that role for so long a lot of countries are dependent on the US being there to defend them if something happens (western Europe, Japan, South Korea, other parts of S.E. Asia, the Middle East, the UN, etc) so I realize that packing up immediately would be bad so a deliberate unwinding would be needed.

Comment Re:SF median 1-bed = $4225/mo ($975/week) in 2015 (Score 1) 252

That is why I tell the recruiters for companies in those area that they can't afford me. I want at a minimum the same standard of living I have now and things are negotiable but they won't offer enough to even come close. In silicon valley my house would be a multi million dollar property (will be paid off in 9 years), and my recreational property (owned outright) would probably be as well. Add in that I am able to save 30% of my income, am in a really good school district, and what ever premium you would have to pay me to deal with the CA crazy, drought, mud slides, forest fires, earthquakes, etc. and and you would be looking at several multiples of what I make instead of a 10%-20% increase over my current pay.

Comment Re:Is it just branding or is it a real patent issu (Score 1) 258

BMW owners pay through the nose for their cars, then pay through the nose again to get them fixed just because they're proprietary and expensive.

Have things changes in the last couple of generations of BMWs? I have an '02 e46 and it is pretty dead simple to work on and maintain. The most proprietary thing I have dealt with was the PVC system when I switched it out from the warm weather one to the cold weather on and the worst part there was getting it positioned without removing the intake manifold. The brakes are dead simple to change pads and rotors and doing a fluid flush on them is simple. Changing belts, spark plugs, filters, and consumable sensors (looking at you o2 sensors) is simple as well. Even changing out the fluid in the diff and transmission is exceptionally simple (you mean I don't have to drop a fucking pan or take off a cover and then smear everything with black RTV silicone). My only real beefs are with the coolant systems and their shitty hose connections (god these are a bitch to get off when you change hoses) and that even shittier plastic pressurized expansion tank and the window regulators. The design of the OEM window regulators on the e46 cars really sucks but they are easy enough to change out and only take about 30 minutes to do correctly. They do have that canister filter which took some figuring out the first time I changed oil on one (several cars ago) because I was looking for the standard can filter that I was use to. Granted on a 15 year old vehicle with just under 200,000 miles on it you have other problems like sensor failures (had to replace a cam position sensor) but even that is simple and only takes a few minutes and I haven't had many of them.

Getting things done at the dealership is just asking to get bent over. I had one window decide it wanted to live at the bottom of the door and it looked like it was going to rain so I went to the dealer. I ask how much it would cost the dealer to do and they gave me some stupid quote and said most of it was the 1.5 hours of labor. I told them that I could direct my 6 year old to do it in under an hour. I made it home before the rain. My 6 year old wanted to fix it so I directed him on how to do it and it took him about 50 minutes and that includes not having the right tool for popping off the inner door panel and instead wrapping a slotted screw drive in electrical tape.

Comment Re:Can't blame NASA (Score 1) 165

I would like to remind you that about a trillion dollars a year go toward "defense".

No it is actually closer to half that and if you include veterans benefits it is only about 60%. That isn't to say there isn't waste and stupid shit going on since we all should be familiar with generals and the like saying they don't want something and don't need it but congress approves money for it because it brings home the bacon to their district. Personally I think our military budget is over sized and everyone likes to complain the the US spends more than the next X countries combines on their military but unlike China or Russia we are a high cost of living country and unlike most of Europe we end up being world police. Personally I think we would be better off telling the rest of the world they need to take a bigger role in keeping the peace and dramatically scale back our forces in places like the middle east, Europe, Africa, Asia. We can't do this all at once and it needs to be done in an orderly fashion but over a 4-8 year span we could dramatically cut back.

Comment Re:Photos and videos? (Score 1) 109

She will take about 20 photos of the exact same shot from the exact same angle to try and get the best picture and not delete a single one.

I've done that but usually with a tripod mounted camera but there it isn't to pick the best one. When I do that I am planning on combining them and doing things like focus stacking, HDR, or super resolution photography or a combination of them. For film I will also scan the negatives multiple times as well and combine them to reduce the noise and also produce images closer to the advertised resolution of the film scanner than can otherwise be achieved. Yes I have some photographs where I am getting 60-70 megapixels of actual data off of 35mm film but that requires having very fine film (50 speed Ilford B&W, 100 speed Kodak Ektar), a camera on a tripod, and the use of a high quality lens (my worst one diffraction wise is an f/4.5 500mm the best is an f/1.4 50mm one), and shooting with a wide open aperture. I love my full frame picture of Dome of the Rock that I took from on top of Mount of the Olives where I can clearly see the Islamic Calligraphy in the mosaic work on the outside with nice crisp lines.

Comment Re:Alcohol is a solvent. (Score 1) 125

But by god in college we tried to get it there. I'm actually surprised that the worst thing that ever happened in college was the still drunk the next afternoon or the time a buddy jump, kicked with both feet a lamp post, and then stuck the landing only to moments later get picked up by the cops and taken to spin dry for the night. Our general rule was that you weren't trying if you didn't finish a 1L of captain.

Comment Re:Rotten Tomatoes is getting self-important (Score 1) 395

I think it is expectations one has going in. I like to point out to movie snobs that I did like "The Expendables" mostly to irritate them. The reason I liked it was that that it delivered on my expectations. Sometimes it is fun to go watch about an hour and a half of pure brain melt. I wanted to see explosions senseless action, some good one liners, and expected a plot about as deep as my kids' wading pool. It delivered. That said I thought Jurassic Park 3 was terrible but because it didn't deliver on what I wanted. I knew it was going to suck, but all the previews and what not indicated I might actually get to see some CGI dinos getting blown away. Well the plot sucked but I held out hope and even the ending with the marines on the hover craft looked like it might deliver but alas I was let down. If I am expecting Shakespeare you had better deliver. Although Shakespeare isn't as haughty as most people believe it to be, especially with lines like this "He ploughed her, and she cropp'd.".

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