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Submission + - Credit Cards Stolen From Target Used For Fraud...At Target (krebsonsecurity.com) 2

chicksdaddy writes: In a great example of the cybercrime "chickens coming home to roost," credit card information stolen from box retailer Target have been linked to fraudulent purchases at large retail outlets, including Target itself, the web site Krebsonsecurity.com reports. (http://krebsonsecurity.com/2013/12/cards-stolen-in-target-breach-flood-underground-markets)

Writing on Friday, Brian Krebs said that millions of the stolen cards are "flooding" underground carder web sites. Working with a source at a small New England bank, Krebs was able to identify hundreds of stolen credit card accounts being offered for sale from that bank alone on a carder site, rescator(dot)la.(http://rescator.la) The cards were being uploaded daily in batches of 100,000 or more, branded as the "Tortuga base."

A "point of purchase" analysis on 20 of stolen accounts belonging to the bank and purchased from four of the "Tortuga" dumps confirmed Target as a common reference point for the cards. Even worse: “Some of these already have confirmed fraud on them, and a few of them were actually just issued recently and have only been used at Target,” Krebs source at the bank informed him. A number of the cards were flagged for fraud after they were used to make unauthorized purchases at big box retailers, including Target, itself, he said.

After reports by Krebs about a major theft of credit cards, Target acknowledged the breach on Thursday, admitting that data on up to 40 million consumers may have been taken. (https://securityledger.com/2013/12/target-confirms-massive-breach-40-million-credit-cards-affected/)

Operating Systems

Submission + - Syllable Project Launches Linux Server (syllable.org)

Kaj de Vos writes: "The Syllable project, developer of an Amiga/BeOS style desktop operating system and successor to AtheOS, released the first development version of a server companion based on the Linux kernel. It is built in the image of Syllable Desktop as much as possible, but provides a text mode Linux environment. Syllable Server contains a preliminary graphical environment built on the framebuffer device, with DirectFB and SDL on top. The planned graphical environment that is to be ported from Syllable Desktop is not included yet. The installation procedure is short, but is still manual — and resembles the installation procedure for the old AtheOS. Included are tools such as a graphical web browser, a file manager and an editor. One thing Syllable Server is designed for is to function as a light-weight virtualisation platform for running other operating systems (or multiple instances of itself). The QEmu virtualisor/emulator is included, and the KQEmu Accelerator kernel module is integrated into the system. [Screenshot of Syllable Server running on Syllable Desktop, installation and usage instructions, torrent (preferred), installation package (80 MB).] Please use the torrent if you can."

Submission + - AMD frees ATI graphics hardware specs (lwn.net)

An anonymous reader writes: Check this out, corbet of LWN fame reports on a major happening at the Linux Kernel Summit. "AMD's representative at the summit has announced that the company has made a decision to enable the development of open source drivers for all of its (ATI) graphics processors from the R500 going forward. There will be specifications available and a skeleton driver as well;" Wohoo!!!

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