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Comment Re:Typical Government Hypocracy (Score 2) 242

Perhaps the commenter does not spell as well as you, O exalted paragon of linguistic virtue. But maybe it's just some form of Freudian slip? (S)He was obviously thinking about hypocrisy and government at the same time as writing the words and you know, sometimes when you do stuff like that, weird shit just happens. Sometimes - as it is here - it can be funny as well.


Comment Re:ooo (Score 1) 265

Actually, I thought Kalganids sounded like a periodic meteor shower. Derailing reality entirely and assuming that to be true, currency that falls from the sky at regular intervals sounds like a pretty good deal. I'll pay with those.

But I don' wan' none o' yo' fancy-ass lah-tay. No, no, no. Make mine a flat white!

Comment Re:NeandertHal get it right (Score 1) 109

I noticed your sig and I'm a bit low at the moment so: I just want to tell you all here that the LHC is in Europe. Whar's mah karmah?

Oh, you get a karma increase alright, you just get to share it with the hordes of other trolls who use the AC "account". Unfortunately, any karmic boost is comprehensively outweighed by the karmic bitchslapping (which you also get to share) brought about by the combined actions of those other ACs.

How about that? Occasionally, life is fair!

Comment Re:I use a tablet (Score 1) 361

Bah, "real geeks/nerds" use vi or emacs, neither of which requires rodentary attachments.

I hope you are nice and comfy sitting on that fence. Real geeks use vi and refuse to acknowledge that there even is another editor.

except for ed for the system files. Don't want to trust something as newfangled as a visual editor with something that important!

Call me crazy, but if I were to refer someone to some truly useful information about ed(1), this is the file I'd link.

Comment Re:50% dumber. (Score 1) 495

My car is a rear wheel drive, so no, this is not an effect of all cars. Yet, if I use the brakes I brake with all four wheels, with more breaking at the front (as is evidenced by needing to change the pads more on the front).

Rear wheel drive or not, weight shifts from your car's rear wheels to its front wheels when decelerating from forward motion. Unless your car also has rear wheel steering, this is a good thing to maintain while you are going downhill.

To paraphrase Jules Winnfield, "Physics, motherfucker! Do you speak it?"

Comment Re:Daniel Tosh was right (Score 2) 440

Only if the camera crew and the cast have the same accommodations. Otherwise, by that same logic, the living conditions of the wild animals featured in National Geographic must be "on par with wilderness camping in your mom's basement".

That analogy only works if the crew is actually filming at the local zoo.

Survivor is just a Popularity-Contest style game show set in an outdoor environment, none of them are actually "surviving".

Quite the opposite, in fact. They all survive - none of them actually fail to do so. Regardless of how much the actual death of contestants might increase ratings, the lawyers would never let the marketing team have their way on that one.

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