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Submission + - Apple to buy ARM? (thisislondon.co.uk)

gyrogeerloose writes: An article in the London Evening Standard claims that Apple has made an $8 billion offer to acquire ARM Holdings. For those few Slashdotters who don't already know, ARM makes the processor chips that power Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. However, ARM processors are also used by other manufacturers, including Palm and, perhaps most significantly, companies building Android phones. This explains why Apple might be willing to spend so much on the deal--almost 20% of it's cash reserves. Being able to control who gets to use the processors (and, more importantly, who doesn't) would give Apple a huge advantage over it's competitors.

Submission + - Stranted Norwegian PM runs the country remotely (cnn.com)

unity100 writes: On a hilarious sidenote to all the stranded travelers' misery, Norwegian PM, stranded in Madrid due to volcano ash disrupting flights in Europe, is running Norway from Madrid by using phone, computer and iPad through internet. This is quite an interesting case for the cause of telecommuting.

Submission + - Ubisoft DRM problems remain unsolved (ubi.com) 1

ocean_soul writes: "More than three weeks after the release of The Settlers 7, with the controversial "always on-line" DRM, a lot of people still can't connect to Ubisoft's DRM servers. The forum threads where people can post if they are unable to connect keeps growing daily. The reason for the lack of fixes or responses from support seems to be that the people responsible were on vacation during the Easter holiday, despite the promis of 24/7 monitoring of the servers. The moral of this story seems to be that it is a bad idea to buy a game just before a major holiday. Something to keep in mind for Christmas shopping..."

Submission + - Anatomy of the Java Flaw Exploit (threatpost.com)

Trailrunner7 writes: The Java Web Start vulnerability that has been getting so much attention of late is being attacked by a number of different sites now, with a relatively simple and easily reproducible exploit, researchers say. The Java flaw, which Google researcher Tavis Ormandy disclosed publicly on April 9, was patched by Sun yesterday with an emergency out-of-cycle fix after evidence surfaced that it was being exploited on one Web site. But researchers have seen some other sites using the exploit against visitors, as well. One of the sites using the simple attack was registered the day before Ormandy disclosed the vulnerability. The exploit uses several stages of redirection, obfuscation and downloads to install a Trojan that's part of the Piptea pay-per-install network and a large botnet.

Submission + - OnStar 'ignition block' to disable stolen vehicles (autoweek.com)

suraj.sun writes: AutoWeek : http://www.autoweek.com/article/20090721/CARNEWS/907219996

OnStar, General Motors' in-vehicle safety and communications system, has launched a service to keep car thieves from starting a vehicle that has been reported stolen.

As of July 20, three stolen cars had been disabled by the technology, called "remote ignition block."

The feature is available on select 2009 and 2010 GM models. Subscribers must report their vehicles stolen to police officials and request assistance from OnStar, which then sends a signal that prevents the car from restarting.

The block adds to a suite of stolen-vehicle products, ranging from tracking by global positioning systems to a service designed to curtail high-speed police chases by conveying a signal that idles a stolen vehicle.

OnStar Press Release : http://www.onstar.com/us_english/jsp/new_at_onstar/remote_ignition_block.jsp

The process for deployment:

        * An OnStar subscriber reports their vehicle stolen to authorities and requests stolen vehicle assistance from OnStar.
        * Law enforcement provides confirmation to the OnStar Advisor that the vehicle is in fact stolen.
        * The OnStar Advisor pinpoints the vehicle's exact GPS location and sends a remote signal to prevent stolen vehicle from starting the next time someone attempts to start it.
        * On select models, authorities can also request Stolen Vehicle Slowdown if they have a clear line of sight of the stolen vehicle and confirm that conditions are safe to slow down the vehicle.

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