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Microsoft to Issue Emergency Patch For File-Sharing Hole 348

An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft said late Wednesday that it plans to release a critical security update today to plug a security hole present in all supported versions of Windows. The company hasn't released any details about the patch yet, which is expected to be pushed out at 1 p.m. PT. Normally, Redmond issues security updates on Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of each month. The Washington Post's Security Fix blog notes that each of the three times in the past that Microsoft has departed from its patch cycle, it was to fix some really nasty vulnerability that criminals already were exploiting to break into Windows PCs." Reader filenavigator points out an article which describes the hole as an SMB vulnerability, and says it "allows anyone to access a Windows machine remotely without any user name or password. Any machine that exposes Windows file sharing is vulnerable." Update: 10/23 17:42 GMT by T : Reader AngryDad adds a link to Microsoft's more detailed memo.

Antec Releases "Skeleton" PC Case 124

ThinSkin writes "It is appropriate to say that Antec was 'thinking outside the box' when the idea of the 'Skeleton' PC Case sprung to mind. The Antec Skeleton is an open-air PC case with a pair of shelves for the motherboard and other components — held up by arching arms. There are no side panels. This is ideal for the computer user who is constantly fidgeting with his PC parts, or someone who wants to show off his fancy components. Just have a compressed air can nearby. There is also a slideshow of Antec Skeleton images available."
Data Storage

Submission + - IP rights? Server hosting site hijacks content (

blanchae writes: "Over at The Ranger Station (, there is a battle over who owns the rights to the Ranger Station's online forum. The Ranger Station owner was unhappy with the service of and changed server hosting. Online Solutions have hijacked The Ranger Station's forums stating that they own the databases and content and started their own Ranger Station forum under This doesn't seem right to me and I want to know who owns the content on a hosted server?"

Journal Journal: Ultra-flexible fiber optic cable on the way

As my submission has been Pending for over two weeks now, I might as well post it here so folks are aware.

Anyone who has ever dealt with fiber optic cable knows that you can only bend it so far before the signal degrades or drops all together. That situation has now changed with Corning's announcement that it has developed fiber optic cable which can be bent at nearly any angle with virtually no signal loss.

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