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Comment Re:Take it from an African - For the record (Score 1) 146

Definition of "boorish":
adjective - like or characteristic of a boor; rude; awkward; ill-mannered

I think it fits like a fiddle. Even if the name for dutch, land grabbing motherfuckers of the previous centuries was "Boer", they were and still are "boorish" in nature.

To be honest, I don't give a damn what they call themselves. Given the fact that, after what they did for centuries to the locals in South Africa, the whites are still allowed to keep the lion share of wealth in SA to themselves and that under an ANC government of the 3rd generation, I got no patience for any boorish Boer coming in here and bad mouthing his own, fellow black countrymen with racist slander that could have come straight out of Goebbels vocabulary.

If blacks would have been committing such crimes against whites for centuries, they'd been exterminated as a whole as soon as whites would have gained the upper hand.
So what is that musmax moron complaining about again? Ah, yes. That he won't enjoy the soccer world championship as there are too many black guys around.
Got a problem with all the blacks surrounding you musmax? The cure to that one would be LEAVE AFRICA NOW!

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