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Journal Journal: Find me

I am the legal owner of , the only forum devoted to criticism of Wikipedia. I am also the second top poster (but I am not an administrator). I have other blogs, including: * an MSN spaces blog: * a MySpace blog: * My old web page (that acts like a blog sometimes): I also write a lot in the Wikipedia Review group blog: * I play Metal Knights: using the name Zordrac: & where I am currently ranked 7th: and 17th: I also play muds: and was playing Anime Mud: and Anime Mud insomnia: (as user Zordrac & Zordrak) but am currently playing Sloth Mud: (as user Zordrac & Scalemail - currently playing Zordrac). I have 4 primary chat programs that I use: AOL IM (AIM): blissyu2 Yahoo: MSN: ICQ: 11888799 Given that I have so much else going on, I doubt that I will use Slashdot much. I find Slashdot really hard to use, with the threading and such. PS: I don't know why the links don't work, and I don't really care. Copy and paste them in to a web browser if you need to.

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