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Comment Redskins to Natives (Score 1) 646

Where I come from in northern Michigan there are tons of Native Americans. I call all my native friends just "Natives". It's only two syllables, it's factual, and it's respectful. The Washington Redskins could keep their logo, and number of syllables just by changing to "Washington Natives". Is this too obvious or something?

Comment I'm in reading this from China right now. (Score 2) 90

I'm a chemistry teacher at a private school in Kunming, China. I use a VPN to get around. First of all half the battle is the terrible infrastructure here. I use a VPN to access everything I need to but I am constantly in a battle to stay connected with my 1Mb/s 500ping connection. If you don't have a VPN you are pretty crippled for most common sites like Google and social media. BTW Slashdot works fine without a VPN.

Comment 64Bit floating point and compute mode (Score 3, Interesting) 151

The titian line in not a purely gaming GPU! The higher price comes for leveraging it's GPGPU CUDA technology. It's like buying a server hardware and complaining it doesn't run your games and well as an i7 which costs less. Game enthusiasts always ruin hardware news with their one golden spec, the frames per second! "That said it’s clear from NVIDIA’s presentations and discussions with the company that they intend it to be a compute product first and foremost (a fate similar to GTX Titan Black), in which case this is going to be the single most powerful CUDA card NVIDIA has ever released. NVIDIA’s Kepler compute products have been received very well by buyers so far, including the previous Titan cards, so there’s ample evidence that this will continue with GTX Titan Z. At the end of the day the roughly 2.66 TFLOPS of double precision performance on a single card (more than some low-end supercomputers, we hear) is going to be a big deal, especially for users invested in NVIDIA’s CUDA ecosystem." - AnandTech

Comment I loved window for 19 years before I was a hater (Score 1) 742

It seems like MS is trying to find ways not to blame Windows 8. I was a Windows user since 3.1 at the age of 5. I've used every version including XP Pro x64. I'm a pragmatist because I use computers for productivity. So when 8 came out with a consumption rather than production oriented UI it was time for a divorce. Yes I could have stuck with lovely 7 for a slow death but I wanted to hurt my Ex for ditching productivity. Productivity is the only place for my loyalty. Hate MS for trying to turn my work tool into a media consumption machine worse than a Mac? Yes, I think I will. Long live the Cinnamon / KDE.

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