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Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 617

A C- is excelling? A C- is greatness to you? If I brought home a D grade I'd feel guilty for squeeking by and my parents would give me the "tsk tsk" look. This is one small step above what's there already, I don't think this is radical at all.

Comment Re:How mature. (Score 1) 572

You have it backwards. They're going to do their darndest to hog as much bandwidth as possible, and then point out that AT&T's network was just as shitty as the day before and the day after. This is to disprove that "greedy inconsiderate iPhone users" are bringing AT&T, when AT&T is doing that just fine on their own.

Comment Re:Nowehere near as cool? (Score 1) 379

I would argue the opposite. At the beginning Buddy is a little twerp who in fact cannot help and get in the way, nor did he really want to help people, the key feature of a hero. Mr. Incredible was right to dismiss him at that point. In 10 years it might have been different for him. But no, he couldn't accept his hero NOT bowing down to him so he childishly became a villain. More that he was always villain material, Mr. Incredible just broke the last illusions that he wasn't.

Comment Re:History is gone (Score 1) 592

It's not that it happened or not. Obviously the star trek universe is all a fiction made by a studio for profit, but it's a universe we enjoy "living" in. I don't know about others but I enjoy when a author/series creates a (sufficiently) believable universe where you know the rules, the history, the notable figures. Off the top of my head I'm talking the star trek universe, star wars universe, Larry Niven's Known Space, Middle Earth. Fictional worlds that are described enough that you can be in them with enough suspension of disbelief. But with this new film all of that for the star trek universe is kinda thrown away. 40 years of tv shows and novels and video games, all that story and detail, never happened now, at least in-universe. I've heard it mentioned that they may maintain both timelines/universes, but that is not guaranteed. This was my biggest gripe about the movie, that and it's a pure action movie, not trek yet. I tentatively liked it and will wait for how it all plays out next.

Comment Re:cable cards ... (Score 1) 114

I support motorola cable boxes so I know a little bit about cable cards. The whole point of an MCard is that is supports two tuners. I don't own a tivo but I've heard 1 MCard lets you use both tuners. The motorola equivalent only requires one MCard for it's two tuners. Perhaps when the installers visited you they gave you an older SCard instead. I wouldn't put it past them.

Comment Re:Galcon (Score 1) 205

Actually Galcon was a desktop app before it was an iphone/pod one. I've tried both, it's technically the same game except for the desktop version's other game modes. But I find controlling the iphone one easier. I can move my finger over a 3in. screen more easily than I can move a mouse over a 20in. one.

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