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Comment Re:Don't Talk Back! (Score 1) 90

One spin per desktop works with slow internet and allows to not waste gigabytes either.
I don't want to download a 4GB iso with all major desktops in it - multiply by distro versions and 32bit vs 64bit, and I now need to buy a hard drive to fill it with junk.
I don't want to wait half a hour for 4GB of mostly crap to write to the USB 2 stick.
I don't want to bring a very small iso, but download 1GB at 100KB/s with wifi brown outs.
I don't want to install KDE or Gnome 3 or Unity and not use them : daemons, registries etc. Some desktops when mixed give you two entries for "Preferences / Screensaver" for instance.

Comment Re:Ubuntu Is Dying A Slow Death (Score 1) 90

I would use KDE if I were somehow stuck with it, like with XP or 7 where you're stuck with the desktop and make do with it.
KDE 5.6 looks weirder than it does in screenshots. It's still an animation and fade out fest that makes me throw up, and now it's configured for high res screens out of the box so that it makes your lowish res screen looks like 640x480.
With the weird start menu that is... too big and animated, it feels like a lot of work, that would have to be repeated each time I set it up somewhere.

Comment Re: Archival grade (Score 1) 382

English-speaking people are "literally" using the wrong word, too. It should be "litterally" with two 't' as in "letter". (and litterature if we go the same way). When you're "litterally" doing something, you're following the meaning to the letter. English language most likely changed the spelling due to conflict with "litter" as lightweight garbage or other meanings.

Comment Re:24 cores, vs 256 cores Tegra X1 (Score 1) 113

Yes, your smartphone has a ton of varied, dedicated hardware.
Even your grandma's 1990s dumbphone does that, or a $20 DVD video player. Your smartphone has more complicated versions of both, and an image processor that makes an actual usable picture from the camera sensor, and a video encoder, and a jpeg encoder/decoder I guess, and a whole GPU on top of that.

So Microsoft is using yet another processor for another new, separate task.
I liken the whole thing to some kind of mobile Kinect. I think this one had a built-in DSP too.
Not that I should particularly care. but execution, latency, robustness may make or break such things.

Comment Re:What does this run on? (Score 1) 125

They might want to run PS4 games eventually, but it's too early for several reasons including competition with themselves or overall crappiness compared to local hardware, for reasons.
I'm sure they use straight PS3 hardware?, with the shrink to 45nm CPU + 40nm GPU. Fairly wasteful in performance per watt but emulation could be worse. You don't even need the case and optical drive, and the hardware is available in extremely high numbers for basically free. 4TB 2.5" HDD are a thing (or 2TB if addressing limitation applies) with a rather nice disk bandwith. PS3 hype talked of cloud computing back in 2005 : it was silly hype but Sony is a huge corp that had experience with the GScube (a rendering cluster of PS2-like hardware) and then had IBM that attempted some datacenter Cell crap.

Comment Re:Is convenience really worth that much for last (Score 1) 125

Impressive, if not very pretty gamepad. But it may be adding a small amount of latency?
You're not using a high latency TV, at least.
But what if you were using a high latency TV. What if you were using DSL (personal rule of thumb, at least twice the latency of cable)
Using Wifi? You're doing that (you should be using wired ethernet, at worst it's possible on USB-to-go Android stuff)
What if you were using Wifi, then streaming through Wifi again to a wireless TV or TV stick? It's dumb but people will do that if given the chance.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 183

The Bush administration had black people and women in top positions, so "has openly gay friends" isn't that remarkable. Anti-racist, pro LGBTQt (in a limited fashion at least), pro women etc. is a default position, even for right-wing. Hatred is towards the poor and terrorists and "rogue states".
You can kill as much as you want and claim moral high grounds because you're doing it for "human rights", or wage wars to save lives (oh, the sick irony). Well, it was that way with Bush and Obama, and will be with Clinton bis.

Comment Re:It better not be. (Score 1) 512

I feel like Mate (or Gnome 2 in things like RHEL 6 and Open Solaris variants) is very susceptible to a theme or icons being slightly off. It can look crappy, or slightly like crap.
Mint exists as a whole distro to provide a theme for Mate and its GTK siblings :), even there there's a tiny little bit of variation available by default and that's all. You may slightly tweak the font rendering or hide a few desktop icons etc. rather than messing too much with the themes. If you thought Ubuntu 8.04 or Debian lenny and squeeze were decent, it still is. I liken it to Windows XP's classic mode (a decade ago) : been running for a long time and there's no pulling the rug under you.

Comment Re:We're All Dying (Score 1) 512

And there's pcmanfm-qt 0.10, which I found out is in the Ubuntu 16.04 repos.
wow! This thing is fast. Just a file manager. Worth a try even if you're running a GTK 2 / GTK 3 desktop, actually it's a bit better since you will not mistake it for your main file manager.

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