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Comment Re:Mint (Score 1) 484

When you have a slow PC, you have to disable hardware acceleration (in Firefox) so the acceleration doesn't slow your browser down, and if you don't see a difference between on and off.. then there's less reason to lose sleep about it.

Well, perhaps it's the whole idea of using a GTK3, 3D accelerated desktop be it Cinnamon or Gnome 3 or other that is stupid. You copy data into buffers and call some OpenGL functions, bloated rendering stack and buggy driver, instead of just displaying shit like is done in Mate, Xfce or Ice WM etc.
You waste a ton of CPU, but call that 3D "accelerated". But if you have a fast CPU (e.g. dual core / quad thread Intel at 2.5 GHz) and run Firefox, Chrome, Libre Office then it's plenty ok.

Comment Re:Thanks for the gimmicks (Score 1) 97

Having both a micro-USB and a USB-C would be a start. Don't tell me there's not enough room for both. For a start it helps with the stupid power cables incompatibility, if both USB ports can accept power input. Then you could use power + keyboard or power + thumbdrive or keyboard + thumbdrive or anything else.
BTW PCs have been using the same power cable for 35 years and likely will 15 years from now (ATX ones)

Comment Re: Thanks for the gimmicks (Score 1) 97

All I want is an Ubuntu phone - let's say an Ubuntu since it was briefly available and not on $800 or $2000 phones - with an Android runtime (firewalled and restricted to hell) because, there will always be that one "app". I'd like around $100, $120 because $300 and up is elitism, just keep everything low end except RAM size at 2GB minimum (and flash one notch above low end, if thats available). Ubuntu phones had 1GB by the way, which is too low (on the other hand, 5" phones with 1GB were what people were waiting for to get an Firefox OS phone)

Yes, it will be an OS/2 in that compatibility with the dominant platform will harm its app store (big time) but fuck it, freedom and security for the base OS and the grandma kind of uses will be worth it.

Comment Re: Uh, why? (Score 1) 207

rofl, even for simple home networking between 98 and XP I seemed to need the command line. Or at least I did before finding out that you can hit start / run.. and enter something like \\\games. (not \\big-PC\games)

Four things were unavoidable : death, taxes, "Windows failed to browse the network" and "Windows Media Player failed to download the codec"

Comment Re:Useless boondoggle. (Score 1) 123

That said I do share your concerns about storage and perhaps as importantly distribution. The hydrogen economy is a bunch of crap and mostly prestige projects for car and oil companies. I do not discount it entirely though because hydrogen production is useful in its own right, as a chemical feedstock (replacing hydrogen made from methane), possibly for very limited fuel uses like mining trucks, industrial heat ; basically everything except cars, general transportation, homes, laptops or what have you.

Comment Re:So now we need warning labels on jobs??? (Score 1) 474

You lived in a house with your parents and grandparents. This is a nice thing, many should envy you. Really, lol.
And I don't want to dispute your poverty credential or something like that. Maybe Western society is going to the crapper due to the nuclear family - even the supposedly great two-parent family isn't all that great when the parents are apathetic, then there are the household with one parent, and the young adults on their own who can't dream of a min wage job for life.
Now the SMS girls and Pokemon kids are having kids I guess. Shit will hit the fan.

Now because someone is too dumb to realize Lyft is exploiting them (even though they aren't) then I have to suffer whether it's paying more in taxes or not having a service like Lyft available

What if Lyft is running an illegal employment scheme and you have to suffer whether it's paying more taxes or having less customers for your business.

Comment Re:So now we need warning labels on jobs??? (Score 1) 474

I want to (preemptively) add that in a putative society where you have small government that only do a few things like Police and I don't remember what.. Why not, just add universal healthcare to the very small list. Abolish everything else if you wish, but this is the last thing that should be removed. Actually, it's a product of 2nd Industrial Revolution capitalism and there were also hospitals in feudal times, so if that's good for capitalists and feudal countries why wouldn't it be good for minarchists/libertarian etc.
You like money and lethal force I think, but nothing else. Money, lethal force and healthcare : having all three suits human nature better.

Comment Re:So now we need warning labels on jobs??? (Score 1) 474

In case of healthcare what the United States does is an immense failure. Trillions wasted on middle men, advertisement, their private death panels, cost of poor health and premature deaths, and the best is when people show up on the emergency room costing $100,000 or $200,000 (if not more) whereas in a more sensible system a poor person will make a doctor visit, costing perhaps $50 or $100 for the doctor and the medication. (with an "immoral" $0 bill for the user)
You're free to be right-wing, libertarian, whatever but this is where I draw a figurative line, your "go home and die" attitude is vile and pointless. I guess you're pissed by the fire department as well.
Even more pointless since private healthcare plans amount to private taxation anyway. Might as well wish for medieval warlords to assault and ransom you every time you try to go the next town over. Universal healthcare is similar but with a bigger pool and cheaper.

Comment Re:Hey Sunny? (Score 1) 123

Can't we mine the hydrogen from the sun? It's such a waste to fuse that hydrogen, transport the resulting energy to the Earth - an extremely minute proportion of which reaches Earth as visible or infrared light, the rest is wasted by being radiated isotropically to space - then use the light to break up water and make hydrogen again.

Comment Have you read the summary through the end? (Score 1) 123

This is like saying a wind tunnel is useless because a stationary fan attached to the ground and blowing on a plane is a poor way to achieve air travel. But, people still use wind tunnels aplenty, to look at what happens when you blow on a airplane mock up or a wing and assess whether that design will work well in flight.

Comment Re:Doesn't Matter (Score 1) 419

Right, consumer motherboards sold on their own do offer such kind of support (and BIOS updates for future CPUs and critical fixes), are free from OEM crap like always-on Secure Boot, hardware whitelists or incompatibilities, or other nonsense. There might still be the header for PC speaker, I have not checked this yet. Some new mobos have dual PS/2. One of the vendors put single PS/2 + dual USB 2.0 on all their AM4 motherboards, where you usually plug keyb/mouse.
Some not quite old supported Windows XP, I think AM1 socket motherboards did - almost current, the processor is about a cheap low performance version of the PS4 and Xbox One's processor. Prolly useful for legacy non-networked stuff.
You can also run Windows 7/8/10 32bit on all of the motherboards if you so need/want.

I don't know how this will end. MS would like to close down the hardware, but they don't control it. The IBM PS/2 died out long ago, replaced by the beige boxes it tried to replace.
Longer term perhaps we'll use some virtualization/hypervisor thing? Would be nice if the GPU vendors allow to use the "virtual GPU" feature, even if limited to only one guest (multiple guests can use an actual GPU nowadays, on "professional" or "enterprise" versions of the hardware)

Comment Re:MS-DOS? (Score 1) 419

Can't be any other way than the UEFI legacy mode / Compatibility Support Module (CSM) / BIOS emulation? Let's call it the CSM, since they made up that acronym just so we have a name for it.

As for full USB read/write under DOS, this is courtesy of needing of BIOS (emulated or not) needing to read USB drives in the first place ; otherwise you wouldn't be able to boot from USB, or other features. DOS will read/write the USB drive you booted from.

As for CHS, this would give you the old drive limit of slightly less than 8 GiB. LBA took care of this and it might be the BIOS's job, not DOS (I don't know). A version of DOS that supports fat32 will help of course (prior to 98SE, a buggy fdisk was bundled, partition size above 64GB rolls over). You will certainly be able to use any drive up to 128 GiB / 137 GB, quite possibly up to 2 TiB. (don't make a fat32 partition that big if you worry about cluster allocation size)

Sound card support is the only thing really missing to have some fun IMO. I did see that mpxplay (a music player) includes drivers for certain cards and sound chipsets (some Intel, VIA, other in there but no Realtek) ; I never tried it but with supported hardware it might actually be useful.

Comment Re:More object oriented API, for starters. (Score 1) 91

What os is this? Doesn't look like a linux problem, unless you have way too little memory?

Yes it's a problem, although I see it on desktop when running out of swap (a credible user scenario when your browser fills up all remaining ram + swap). Sometimes there's not enough memory left to log in on a text console (after ctrl-alt-F1) to kill the biggest process. Sometimes, if you have a graphical task manager running you can use it (but if it's not running you won't have enough memory left to launch it, and the start menu might have been swapped out). If all fails you have to hit the reset button (if you're lucky to have a reset button) or ctrl-alt-backspace which kills all your stuff anyway so on a desktop it's about as bad as a reboot.

Comment Re: LibreOffice (Score 1) 203

I was describing the common use case for common people, i.e. 90%+ people only use a word processor infrequently to write a curriculum and don't know about the features, that's all. Maybe the Clippy assistant was a good idea but I've never really encountered it.
Anyway blogs, wikis and emails replaced writing word processor document in the 2000s, for common home users. Or the lazier alternative of not writing any documents at all.

In the late 90s/early 00s I might have written letters maybe, but my parents had got an Epson inkjet printer (and eventually another one). It didn't work the one time we needed something important printed. Bad timing of technology. Inkjet printers is garbage technology that doesn't work, with the printer vendor actively fighting you. Black and white laser still cost like a used car back then.
So in my experience, unless you were a professional whose tasks including writing word documents, word processors were never really that important. The general public went from handwritten letters and school homework and essays etc. to Internet stuff. Not everyone had a printer, in my country at least.

Comment Re: LibreOffice (Score 2) 203

Is there a "word processing mode"?, or "content mode"?
When we hit return twice to space out paragraphs, it's because that's easier and in the mean time the paragraphs are spaced out, like we intend to.
If we're not supposed to do that, so much as it's considered harmful, maybe there should be a GUI mode where you're constrained from doing that. You hit enter and it doesn't let you go down one more line unless you do something "right" like introduce a new paragraph, section, page break etc.

If word processors default to being a typewriter, and the proper way of using it (even since the 90s) is an "advanced" feature that requires going into menus and trying to figure out what the hell a "style" is, while a single manual adjustment breaks it all, then maybe the design of word processors is flawed.

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