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Comment What about the surface learning of listening? (Score 2) 71

Like listening to the preferences users have selected about silly things like what order they want items in their feed listed? I know you love these whiz-bang prediction algorithms, but they suck at predicting what I want. I'm really good at asking for what I want, and changing those settings to what you want will never ever do a better job than letting me pick. I promise.

Comment Not exactly just the US, Myanmar and Liberia (Score 1) 2288

And the US officially uses SI/Metric anyhow. We just use Imperial measure as well. And those units are still understood and used by people in Canada and the UK -- probably other places as well. The little stripes that tell how tall someone is when walking out of a bank or convenience store in Canada measure in feet and inches, not centimeters. At the folk level, these are the units that have been used for a whole lot longer than meters, and will continue to be understood by anybody who has ever read a book/song/poem/play/film that talked about miles, gallons, quarts, cups, pounds, etc. Those references happen with surprising frequency, and I've not seen a Canadian (in particular) ever ask for help converting a reference from those units because they didn't get the reference. And do you ever hear the cry in a pub in London for someone to come over and have 500 ml, or are the offered a pint?

I like SI/Metric, and am relatively conversant in it. It's great for technical uses for all of the reasons everybody has already mentioned. Base 10 measures are great in a base 10 number system. But base 2 measures aren't that hard to deal with, either. 8 oz in a cup, 2 cups in a pint, 2 pints in a quart, 4 quarts in a gallon -- not that hard. Pretty life-sized stuff, really.

Comment Re:Stop with the "Redundant" mods please (Score 1) 478

It's a lot more than one -- a few dozen, more like. I mean, I get your point, that it's only a point or two of karma for any one comment, but enough is more than enough here. "Redundant" is for when people keep posting the same point when the point has already been made, but nobody saw the point being made. The system messed up. Good-faith comments don't need to be punished.

Comment Re:I seriously doubt... (Score 1) 175

Huh? I wasn't aware that anyone outside the propaganda wing of the Kim Regime had any illusions about how sucky life is in the DPRK. Yes, it's possible that North Korea is uniquely dark at night for a populated country because everyone there turns out all their lights at night, unlike everyone else in the world who has ever had electricity. Perhaps they also, uniquely in the history of the world, grow abundant food, but choose not to eat it so they can starve to death in droves. But there would need to be some stated reasons why modern inmates of the DPRK behave so unlike any other people who have ever lived.

Any ideas?

Comment Re:I seriously doubt... (Score 5, Informative) 175

If you look at the satellite photo of the world at night (, it's quite easy to see North Korea -- it's the dark space just West of Japan, and north of the very bright lights of South Korea -- the DMZ is a visible line between light and darkness. Just one little spot of light in the whole country, and the rest is darkness.

The average North Korean doesn't have power, and isn't sure they'll have enough food to eat today.

Comment Re:Australia: The Lucky Country (Score 0, Offtopic) 89

Wow. Amazing ability to not get a joke. That could make you a barrel of fun at parties.

Oh, that was sarcasm -- don't really try it at parties. Or anywhere.

No shortage of love for Ozzies here. Just a little good-natured poke based on the same poke in the other direction and current events.

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