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Comment Re:If you want to be a programmer, (Score 1) 182

>get a degree. Programming jobs are heavily resume/GPA filtered. Unless you have someone on the inside ("who you know"), what you know will only get you so far. The great jobs, IMO, for a newbie, are best approached with a great GPA and transcript. This seems absurd to me. With today's college costs, the value that employers put on experience over education, and the 60% unemployment/underemployment rate of recent college grads, getting an entry level job through a temp agency in even the most esoterically related field would par far greater dividends.

Comment Re:More like... (Score 1) 385

"There actually are such special offers that sound like you could save a lot, but are actually more expensive per unit/gallon/inch/whatever. And they actually work."

I accept your premise but reject your conclusion. Where is the study that shows the population to be more vulnerable to such obfuscation over time, or since the adoption of calculators?

Comment Re:Interesting Tension (Score 1) 209

Great post! I wish I had mod points left. Even I have trouble reconciling Torrents of Porn. On one hand I recognize Flynt as a major force in free speech advocacy, on the other, I like free porn. Part of why the industry though, is going after this, is that AMATEUR porn being posted to the torrents, by Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, is starting to cut into the bottom line. I think the attack is not so much directed at the pr0noholics, so much as trying to chill the competing distribution methods.

Comment Re:Ah yes, Wertham (Score 1) 257

The end of the comics code. "This series was one of the early successes that marked the establishment of a phase in underground comics at which a new market of alternative independent comic books emerged that were closer to the comics mainstream." Wiki seems to underplay the impact of this title, as it was the mother-ship that had such broad appeal and sales, that led to a revolution at Marvel and DC.

Comment Re:Ah yes, Wertham (Score 1) 257

"It encourages authors to look at both sides of situation more thoroughly than they would have otherwise which in my opinion adds more depth to the story."

Remember when Elfquest of all things, broke the back of the comics code, by going the independent route? Demonstrating that the independant route could be profitable AND allowing creators to keep creative control of their content? Then the mad rush of artists fleeing Marvel and DC to independant start-ups like Dark Horse and Image leading to the one of the greatest renaissances in comics? The comics code kept artists chained to their easels, writing pap. Good riddance.

Comment Re:Making the Deal (Score 1) 68

"Companies that do mergers are only able to make the aquistion work out about half the time, so it is rarely a good investment."

Where else is that money going to go that would provide and equivalent improvement to revenue, earnings and share price (how XEOs get bonused)? With Treasury yeilds falling like a brick, and the currency and equity markets in turmoil, acquisitions are a no-brainer for boosting share-prices. Add in the facts that you get to keep a competitor from piking up a key element to their business plan, and they get to deflect some attention away from the questionable ouster of Hurd, it makes perfect sense.

Submission + - How NOT to do a news aggregator upgrade (

Blackhalo writes: "What a SPECTACULAR train wreck. I don't really want to look, but I can't tear my eyes away.

"The news page on Digg, and particularly the Technology category, is currently plastered with links to discussions and images posted on rival Reddit instead. That’ll bring Reddit some traffic this morning, but more importantly it’s a bit of an embarrassing situation for Digg."

Submission + - Google Killed my Business

An anonymous reader writes: Hello,
My name is Cris Mitchell and i'm the publisher of an educational website for Photographers called, We currently have over 12k photographer members across the globe.

This weekend it was brought to our attention that the google bots had detected some javascript on our site that had been exploited by a hacker and was said to contain malicious software, at which point Google took a broadstroke action to temporarily blacklist our site, circumventing our homepage with a with a REPORTED ATTACK PAGE GRAPHIC. In our haste to bring the site back into the good graces of the mighty google, we removed every bit of supposedly malicious code and patched the software that was causing the problem. Google search results for also claim the same thing. We were only notified by Google after they took such actions.

As mentioned above, was scrubbed and cleaned of any offending code within minutes of the notification and we have now been waiting over two days for a review of the site to restore our name and get us back online.

While some might feel that Google are doing internet citizens a service, in actuality they are killing small businesses just like mine in the process. We have spent over 5 years building good will on the internet which has now been completely obliterated by a simple 'fully automated' process, with no throat to choke when the process breaks.

What is most infuriating with this matter is that it only took Google seconds to disrupt my site, but who know's how long to restore it. There are no published reinstatement times listed on their site that we could find. Some folks report the process taking up to 4 weeks to complete the review. Judge, jury and executioner will be played by a 'fully automated' script. No SLA, no license agreement, and nobody to call to explain the situation.

While some members and Twitter followers of @CrisMitchell claim that google has not taken us OFFLINE because you can still reach the site by choosing to ignore the warning or by using another browser such as Internet Explorer, this is only partially true because ignoring the warning breaks the CSS and all the links in the site. Our records also indicate only 16% of our visitors are using the Internet Explorer browser. To us this is the equivalent of standing on the street corner and saying "Kiss me it's just a Cold Sore" It's just not gonna happen.

While we completely understand the severity of the situation at the same time there are no published contact numbers on the google website of who to contact to expedite this matter,in the mean time we are losing existing and potentially new members to our site.

Over the weekend we have received an outpouring of support and sympathy from other small business owners who have gone through the same issue, many who did not have the resources to recover and had to shut down their websites.

If you feel this is a newsworthy story, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you further about our situation.

In the interim, I thank your for your time and consideration.

Cris Mitchell

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