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Comment Re:troll? (Score 1) 279

Having a minority viewpoint and telling everyone else on said board that their viewpoint is wrong while giving no proof are two totally different things.

Easy ways to see this is political boards. There are people who just post the opposite view of that site just to annoy people. Some are so obvious that it really looks like they are paid to do that.

There is no rule that you have to have the same viewpoint as the board to post there. Having reasonable facts is better then spouting group think talking points when commenting on said board.

Comment how the OS is used (Score 1) 269

So microsoft will monitor windows 9 to see how people are using it? So email, watching cat clips on youtube, porn, games, occasionally looking stuff up on google, and writing a document. Why would microsoft need to monitor the OS to see that?

Clippy: *tap* *tap* *tap* I see you are looking up porn. Would you like some help with that.

Comment Solar needs help to work well (Score 1) 281

You are forgetting that for much of the planet there are these things called clouds which cut solar's ability to generate power down to zero on some days. Plus the energy required to power the devices in homes is too much for the current solar cells. I know all about the solar house project. If you are going to tell people that they need to move into a house that fits inside a shipping container good luck. Solar is a great source of energy. solar needs better batteries to store the power until needed and a way to better transfer the power to where it is needed. Solar doesn't work too well at night. If you are talking space based solar then that solves the night, and weather problem for solar. Now to get get that power down to the planet to be used. And hope some country doesn't shoot down the solar array since they do not want it over them.

Comment Re:Japan builds robots that cheat. (Score 1) 114

I believe that sex dolls are being worked on. They have the dead fish (they just lay there) ones now. The movable ones always ready for you are being worked on now.

When the ghost in shell sex dolls are out the world will end. Those models will first seduce you. Then screw your brains out. Then blow your brains out. If you are really unlucky all of that will happen in less then five minutes.

Comment Re:Answer: No. (Score 1) 404

This is already a massive screw up. Having more teams work on different parts is not a good idea. Too many trams working on separate parts that have to work together. If one teams changes one of the parts that another team uses that can lead to more screw ups. All of the teams have to be on the same page. Starting over is a better option in this case. For the simple reason that the new teams will have met and decided on what each part will do and what each part expects and will hand off to the next part.

Comment Re:Down the line... (Score 1) 248

How many people watch the commercials? The only time I know people watch the commercials is during the Super Bowl. The commercials were a time to get a drink, go to the bathroom, etc. No one I Know watches the commercials. with taping, er sorry recording, TV why should people be forced to watch the commercials? I made my DVR. It does not skip the commercials. I just move the slider when I watch the shows. I can edit the file and take out the commercials it is not a big deal to skip past them. If I am paying for a recording service I would not want the commercials in there at all. Or could it be that the broadcast companies do not want people to know that their hour long show is 40 minutes (or less now). I would not be surprised to see hour long shows that are less then 30 minutes soon. The rest of the time is commercials.

Comment Re:iPad also has a barrier to entry (Score 1) 497

I am dealing with a windows RT Tablet user (parents) now. The hardest part is getting used to the interface. For their use, email, web surfing, a few other apps it is fine. Printing to the wireless printer in the house was a snap to set up. The biggest issue was getting email going. Windows RT mail does not work with POP email accounts. They had a pop email account. I needed to link their ISP email to an outlook.com email account. Then link the outlook.com account to the RT mail app. I wanted them to use gmail they said no. t is working fine now.

Honestly the windows RT table works fine. I like having more inputs. The model they have has a laptop keyboard that attaches. With the two pieces together the table is like a touchscreen netbook. Also with the keyboard attached more ports (USB, full size HDMI) are added. If you have crappy wireless, you will hate it. The tablet needs to be online to get everything.

They wanted one to connect to their local library to check out books. The library people said the ipad works but the app is clunky on it. The android and windows version works better.

There is just one example. Your mileage may vary.

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