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Submission + - Deaf? Xbox live will love you ! 2

Peter Franklin writes: "Bought your Xbox 360? Check. Had to return TWO of them because of faults within a year? Check. Bought Xbox Live account in store or online to frag ur buddies? Double check ! Deaf? Check. Yay Microsoft will love you so much more !! Heres the story: Bought My 360, took it home, played for 3 minutes and boom, power supply died. No smoke, no bang, no light....no nothing..So returned same day. YAY Xbox 2 ! Got my Live account up and running ( Not using the phone, as im deaf, so online was just as easy )...Waited 10 months...Ring of death ! Repair or replace My xbox? Dont really want either, want a full refund for this giant white brick. Previous to this (say 2 months) I mailed them to cancel Xbox live as im moving out and cant afford it!! Easy, right? WRONG!! Took DAYS to find the correct email address to mail (again, deaf, couldnt phone) So i mailed it...took 2 months to reply to this, saying please call them to cancel...you know, standard Xbox live email. No dice, cant call.As this was around the same time i emailed them with enquiries about my ring of death, and they actually replied, i decided to use that corrospondance for my Live cancelation, seeing as i actually had a real person emailing me from MS. I tell them im deaf and cant call to cancel, so can i do it online? They told me to get someone else to do it for me, as doing it online isnt possible as its a security risk (uh huh, the cheek of it ! ) I emailed back saying theres no one around that will do it for me (surely someone ELSE cancelling ur live account is a breach of security?) so they then mailed back saying *****we are sorry you cannot call us...Heres our phone number to cancel your account !! ***** I mean really !!! how clueless are they?? How much money do these guys have?? And they cant even sort out a cancelation for someone hearing impaired ?? Emails too and from not quoted directly, but I gave the bits that are important. Wasnt much more really, just padding, and me having a go at them about my rights as a disabled and deaf person. So it boils down to, if i cant get someone else to hpone for me...then i cant cancel. This cant be right.....can it?"
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - BioShock Soaked in DRM Fiasco (twitchguru.com)

Aneurism75 writes: Here are some further details on the BioShock DRM problem, from Tom's Hardware's Twich Guru section. It's probably a good idea to steer clear of this game until 2K games removes the limited install feature.

FTA: "There's no question, however, that the issues surrounding SecuROM have triggered a badly botched launch for an early contender for game of the year. In fact, this may go down as the worst fumble in PC game launch history."

'BioShock Soaked in DRM Fiasco' by Rob Wright, August 27, 2007 19:41:

http://www.twitchguru.com/2007/08/27/bioshock_drm/ index.html


Submission + - Google, CNN.com in Adsense Deal (adsenseadvisor.co.nr)

lifuchi writes: "Google and CNN.com have signed a multi year agreement in which, get this, Google gets to serve Adsense ads or as they put it "auction-based text advertisements" all over the CNN.com site. So what? Well maybe the little guy can get something good out of this but one thing is for sure. Google and CNN.com will definately make gazillions out of this deal. Read More"

Submission + - Newest Version of Storm Worm in "BETA Testing& (robertmcardle.com)

Robert McArdle writes: "There is a new wave of the now infamous Storm Worm doing the rounds. This time the mail attempts to convince users to download a program that is currently undergoing Beta Testing. In return the helpful victim receives their own Free Edition (lucky them) and from 5 years to a lifetime of free updates. Oh ... and their computer joins a massive P2P Botnet, and starts generating massive amounts of SPAM to help spread the worm...still no BETA software comes without the odd bug. Read More"

Submission + - Why is shopping for a cell phone so horrible? 1

botkiller writes: "In shopping around for a new cell phone plan, I'm finding how incredibly painful the process of cell phone shopping truly is. Cell companies all have convoluted data plans, no clear explanation of what you get with any type of plan, and on top of this, are actually charging instant messaging per message, as if it's text messaging! Is there any way to shop for a smartphone and plan out there that doesn't kill my wallet and make me rip my hair out?"

Submission + - New Tool Automates Webmail Account Hijacks (washingtonpost.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A pair of software tools demonstrated at the Black Hat security conference today automate the interception of cookie files transmitted over a wireless network that allow attackers to hijack accounts for Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook and a number of other Web 2.0 services, washingtonpost.com's Security Fix reports. From the story: "the attack works even if victims subsequently change their passwords, or actively sign out of their accounts. However, attackers would be unable to change the victim's password, as all of the above-named services force the user to reenter the current password before changing it to a new one."

Feed Texting your way to $25,000 (cnet.com)

After crowning the West Coast champ last month, the winner of LG's National Texting Championship will be determined tomorrow night in New York, with 25 grand at stake.

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