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Submission + - Kindle Books Store Review Site Launches (

FMCCompany writes: A new review website is launching for the Kindle Wireless Reading Devices and eBooks line. Kindle Book Store is a place you can find the latest information and products on Kindle Wireless Reading Devices and eBooks.
The Military

Submission + - UN Authorizes Military Strikes Over Libya ( 3

cosm writes: Ten members of the UN Security Council have agreed to a resolution authorizing military strikes against Col. Gadhafi. With the intervention of western countries, do you think this resolution will influence further revolutions across the globe, fueled by the hope that the UN will come to the rescue if the targets of revolt become aggressors similar to Gadhafi?

Submission + - UN backs action against Colonel Gaddaf ( 1

chielk writes: The UN Security Council has backed a no-fly zone over Libya and "all necessary measures" short of an invasion "to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas".

The UK, France and Lebanon proposed the council resolution, with US support.


Submission + - GNOME to lose minimize, maximize buttons (

An anonymous reader writes: When GNOME 3 arrives in a month, users might be surprised to see old UI staples "minimize" and "maximize" buttons gone and replaced by... nothing, in the case of minimizing, and either drag-up or double-click-titlebar for maximizing.
Says Allan Day, GNOME Marketing Contractor:
"Without minimize, the GNOME 3 desktop is a more focused UI, and it is a UI that has a consistent high level of quality. Yes, moving to a minimiseless world might take a little getting used to for some, but the change makes sense and has clear benefits."
Some users already welcome the change, while others are in an uproar, swearing to wait for GNOME 3.2, switch to KDE or even Windows. What do you think? A better, simpler interface for new times, or a case of making something simpler than it should be?

Comment Re:Wind Could NOT Provide 100% of World Energy Nee (Score 2, Informative) 867

Actually this is not uncommon. It is called Single Wire Earth Return. It is often used in rural areas to save cost due to the long cable distance.

I didn't know that it was used for HVDC submarine cables, but it seems like it is in use in Germany and Tasmania (Basslink), as the GP stated.

Comment Re:This is GREAT for bittorrent (Score 1) 294

I used a ratio site for a while, and I found the easiest way to get some positive credits was to pick a brand new torrent, and congifure bt to only download one file from it (say about 10% of the total size). It was like a partial-seed, without nearly as much initial download for a file I didn't want anyway :)

Operating Systems

Submission + - What's wrong with Ubuntu 7.04?

SlinkySausage writes: "Ashton Mills from APC Magazine has written a pretty scathing review of Ubuntu 7.04: "It's out love for Ubuntu that I'm being so harsh in this review. Look where we're at — 7.04, a number of significant releases since 4.10 Warty three years ago — and it still can't manage the display properly. And that's just the start. I'd like to say the install was seamless, but it wasn't — the migration tool, while a nice touch, didn't apply to me as I was doing a fresh install, but the tool would have none of it and spewed up an error saying the process couldn't continue. Upon inserting a DVD movie, Ubuntu recognised recognised it didn't have the CODECs needed to support the media, but then couldn't install DeCSS support to actually play encrypted DVDs — i.e. 99.99% of the ones you're likely to use. I had great expectations for 7.04, but unfortunately they're not met. If you're a fanboy, don't read on, because I'll shatter your fragile world.""

Submission + - SCO receives official delisting notice from Nasdaq

fifteencattleprods writes: "On the tail of two stories regarding possible delisting of SCO stock (reported on slashdot here, and here), today is the day the delisting process has started. Straight from SCO's own press release site, they have received their delisting notice from Nasdaq. While this doesn't mean their stock will be delisted immediately, it does mean they've come under notice by Nasdaq, and must fix their problems within 180 days, before October 22, 2007. If they don't get their stock above $1 per share for ten consecutive days between now and then, they're toast."

Submission + - Disposable Nano Insulin Pump to Reach Market

An anonymous reader writes: Medgadget is reporting on a new disposable, wearable nano-insulin pump that has the potential to improve the lives of millions of diabetics: The Nanopump, which relies on microfluidic MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) technology, is a breakthrough concept that allows a tiny pump to be mounted on a disposable skin patch to provide continuous insulin infusion. The Nanopump will enable substantial advancements in the availability, treatment efficiency and the quality of life of diabetes patients. The original technology was awarded the Swiss Technology Award in 2006 and this agreement brings it closer to the market. (Press Release)

Submission + - Online Image Manipulation

Simon Hargraves writes: "Wiredness Image Manipulation is an online image manipulator designed to be quick/simple and easy to use. It is completely HTML and Javascript based. You can modify images in all of the usual ways such as resizing, cropping and rotating an image. It also has a number of different effects you can apply to an image. It currently has FlickR integration with more services such as Picasa on the way, you can easily upload photos to online hosting services for use on forums or in blog posts."

Submission + - Think tank attacks One Laptop Per Child

An anonymous reader writes: European think tank the Globalisation Institute says the laptops are the "very worst idea in international development", may prove unreliable, have the wrong type of user interface and are a bad use of funds.

Submission + - Coffee has more soluble fiber than orange juice

drmirkin writes: "Coffee contains more soluble fiber than orange juice, according to a study from the Instituto del Frío in Spain (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, February 2007). Many people start the day with a glass of orange juice because they believe it is a health food, but it contains the same amount of sugar as a glass of Coca Cola.

Soluble fiber is beneficial because it is not absorbed in the upper intestinal tract. It goes to your colon where bacteria ferment it to form short chain fatty acids that are absorbed through your colon into your bloodstream. The short chain fatty acids travel to the liver to block the formation of cholesterol, and also lower high blood pressure by widening arteries. Better dietary sources of soluble fiber include oatmeal, barley, beans, and many whole fruits and vegetables. More on soluble fiber at

Since fruit juices contain as much sugar and calories as soft drinks, it makes no sense to substitute juices for soft drinks. It's far better to learn to drink water to quench thirst, and get calories, vitamins and other nutrients from solid foods. Researchers at the University of Houston reviewed scientific studies to explain why sugared drinks make people fat (Nutrition Review, April 2006). They concluded that sugared drinks do not fill people up as much as solid food does, so calories in drinks do not suppress appetite as effectively as calories in food."

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