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Submission + - Disempowering the singular sysadmin 3

An anonymous reader writes: Practically every computer system appears to be at the mercy of at least one individual who holds root or whatever other superuser identity can destroy (or subvert, etc.) that system. Each application on a system has the same weakness. However, making a system require multiple individuals for any root operation (think of the classic two-keys to launch a nuke) has shortcomings: simple operations sometimes require root, and would be enormously cumbersome if they needed a consensus of administrators to execute. There is the idea of a Distributed Administration Network, which is like a cluster of independently-administered servers, but this is a limited case for deployment of certain applications... and anyway it is still presumably vaporware. Are there more sweeping yet practical solutions out there for avoiding the weakness of a singular empowered superuser?

Submission + - SPAM: Netflix Coming to Sony PS3

itwbennett writes: 'Microsoft has always seemed rather enthusiastic when it comes to throwing around the word 'exclusive' and here is another case in point,' says blogger Peter Smith. Netflix and Sony have announced that Netflix streaming is coming to the Sony Playstation 3 as early as next month. Back in August when Microsoft was rolling out its new dashboard update, one of the features it was talking up was Netflix streaming, says Smith, and it said 'This exclusive partnership offers you the ability to instantly stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix to the television via Xbox 360. Xbox 360 will be the only game console to offer this movie-watching experience...' Apparently, in Microsoft parlance, 'exclusive partnership' means 'we launched it first' and not 'we inked a deal with Netflix preventing this feature from appearing on the competition's hardware.' All this is good news for PS3 owners who can now sign up to be notified of Netflix availability for their system.
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Comment Re:I'm an emacs user! (Score 1) 939

He's modded Funny, but he has a point.

Escape -- because Alt+* is often grabbed before it gets to Emacs, I have to use Escape for Meta (so, yeah, Emacs user here). Plus it closes dialogs.

Caps Lock -- because I don't run Windows and don't have to rely on Word's autocorrect to enter uppercase letters with accents. My locale requires uppercase letters to retain their accents. CapsLock+é gives me "É" while Shift+é would give me "2".

Windows Key -- what, you never use Super on any keybinding ?

Scroll Lock -- console, 'nuff said.

That key that opens the context menu -- it opens the main Sawfish menu for me.

F-Lock -- I don't know what that is. Function-lock, for laptops ? I wish mine had that. Can't get used to hjkl for moving around in NetHack.

Pause/Break -- Free custom keybinding, hooray !

One of the Media keys -- I don't have a lot of those. Home, Eject, Previous, Stop, Play/Pause, Next, and volume control are all used (though Stop is bound to "show me what is playing right now".

So I guess I'd say Pause is the *least useful* after all.


Submission + - Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox support (

mytrip writes: In early 2006, several months after it launched the Xbox 360, Microsoft ceased manufacturing the original Xbox. Today, the company pulled the plug on its first console entirely. The company has officially ended out-of-warranty support for the original Xbox, some eight and a half years after Bill Gates handed out the first device.

"On March 2, 2009, service repairs for Original Xbox video game systems for which the Warranty has expired will no longer be available," reads Microsoft's official support site. "Any other technical support, documents, and content, however, will continue to be available to all our customers. Although Microsoft is ending repair services for the Original Xbox, an upgrade program and support will be maintained for Original Xbox consoles that are still under Warranty."


Submission + - Xfce Releases 4.6.0

An anonymous reader writes: A little more then 2 years after the previous major release of Xfce, Version 4.4, the xfce development team has finally released Xfce 4.6. This release comes with a new DBUS based configuration backend, called xfconf. A new fd.o compliant menu implementation and rubberband selection on the desktop. For a good overview of the changes, take a look at the Tour. They have finally removed their crappy menu-editor with this release... unfortunately, they forgot to replace it with a working one. Besides this, it is a great release which is really polished. Xfce is really taking it's place as the third Desktop Environment next to Gnome and KDE.

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