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Comment Re:Note: Gravity wave != Gravitational wave (Score -1, Flamebait) 82

Its worth pointing out that its not a 'gravity way' at all. Its a simple compression wave. Gravity has exactly 0 to do with it.

By calling it a gravity wave, you just look stupid and ignorant of the topic of discussion.

Thats typical for slashdot submissions and editors, but generally the comments have higher standards.

Comment Figure out what you want to do (Score -1, Troll) 261

You can't come to slashdot and ask them what you want to be when you grow up.

Why did you take CS? Because you liked something in it, or because someone told you to? If you liked something related to CS than you need to focus on it and figure out how to turn it into a career, or get yourself focused on moving in the direction that would allow it to be a career.

If you got into CS because someone told you that you should major in CS, than you need to stop now. Figure out WTF you think you might want to do with your life, and then figure out how to go in that direction. Is that even in CS or is it in some other field entirely.

Slashdot can't figure out what you want to be when you grow up, only you can. If you don't know what you want to do with your CS degree after you get out than you have to start by asking yourself why you're getting a CS degree, or even getting a degree at all.

Comment Re:DAB is useless nowadays, ever heard of streamin (Score -1, Informative) 303

sigh, because an FM radio can be build with about 5 components that you can make yourself in a few minutes. AM radio takes 2 or 3 and is self powered.

You don't even really have to properly calculate the values of the components, you just have to get in the general ballpark and have a tuning coil and you can pick up anything from old analog TV signals, to FM radio, to aircraft radio.

In short, if you can't build a functioning FM radio in a few minutes with random crap you can find laying around the house, then you simply aren't an EE and you know pretty much nothing about it.

FFS, the CIA has build MECHANICAL AM transmitters powered remotely by microwaves being beamed at it.

Comment Re:Most depressing thing I've read all week (Score 0) 139

Spoken like someone who has no idea what so ever how CPUs actually work.

Raw CP/U speed gives one type of performance, parallelism gives another.

Your professor, 15 years ago, is one of those idiots who couldn't actually get a job so he went to teaching instead where all you have to do is talk theory and not actually produce real world results.

The real problem with multicore computing is it doesn't solve every problem. Some problems are inherently serial and no number of course or software solutions are going to change that.

The human mind is a MASSIVELY parallel computer, but its slow as shit compared to even the first intel CPUs when it comes to complex math. It can perform amazing feats of trigonometry by approximation almost instantly, which works well for hunting prey ... but it has 0 changes of performing real time guidance something like a rocket trying to hit a specific orbit, which is easily accomplished by something like a z80 or AVR.

Comment Re:Yeah ok (Score -1) 511

. . . All of that is pretty easy to verify online with some googling ...

Perhaps your own conflicting feelings about your sexuality are more controlling your post than logic.

You are of course able to ignore the world and facts and think what you want, but you'll never get any happier by doing so.

You need to focus on your own issues. Use science rather than emotion.

Comment So you knew and chose not to recall the patch? (Score -1, Insightful) 254

So you knew you fucked up, but instead of recalling the patch and preventing it from fucking over more people ... you left it out there for 2 weeks because 'it takes time' to roll out an update.

As a software developer who used to be a sysadmin and has done the desktop support thing, there are about 18 obvious ways you could have mitigated the damage you claim you were aware of, some of which you've done before:

1) Recall the patch, remove it from the update servers, no one else gets it. You can do that in minute.
2) It takes 2 weeks to change the event attached to the WM_CLOSE event to behave like it did previously? Worst fucking devs ever. You and the people feeding you this line of bullshit should be fired on principal for that comment
3) The behavior specified is counter to all expected and intuit design conventions. There was NO ONE INVOLVED IN THIS MESS THAT DIDN'T REALIZE what was going to happen. Using the X to proceed required extra effort and thought. It wasn't an accident because its designed to not work that way by default so users get an 'expected' experience ... which you then decided to override and do what you knew was the opposite of the expected behavior.

Let me sum it up for you: Fuck off liar. All you've shown today is that Microsoft is still full of lying bastards and nothing has really changed since bill and steve left.

Comment Re:Hearing Aid Batteries (Score -1) 253

My wired earbuds are lighter than any pair of Airpods will ever be


The wire alone will weigh more than the headphones eventually unless they find some awesome replacement for copper and mostly the plastic/rubber sheath around the wires. And yes, thats the amount of weight we're arguing over. And at that point, power will be safely transmitted wirelessly so they'll be powered without batteries as well.

I prefer wired for the same reasons, but your entire post is full of false statements that barely apply now and are unlikely to apply in the future and really just show that you're incapable of getting out of your rut and rant of 'I hate apple, they suck cause I don't agree!' phase.

You pretend Apple is stupid because they don't fit your preference. Your argument is as retarded as linux fanboys ranting about Windows or OS X, does nothing but show how you've still got a long way to go before you actually grow up.

Comment Re:Hearing Aid Batteries (Score -1) 253

Yes, I "get" that you can make the device smaller (and thus lighter), but only marginally so, and at the expense of functionality and serviceability.

So what do you not understand?

SOME users prefer smaller/lighter, even marginally to more battery.

You do not.

What disorder do you have that prevents you from understanding people have different preferences, which is what we're talking about here.

The non-removable battery is not any type of advantage to me.

Emphasis mine. It appears that you understand that its not for you, but the problem seems to be that you fail to understand that you aren't the only person in existence and likewise aren't the only opinion that matters.

Your post wreaks of an 15 year old that thinks his opinion and style is the only one in the universe that possibly matters.

Don't buy apple if you don't like it, but stop this bullshit of claiming you don't understand, its just that you refuse to accept someone else has different preferences than you.

You appear to be the one with the problem.

Comment Re:Many of you are missing something (Score -1) 229

Can't decrypt it? Here let me bash your head in and leave you lying as an example in the street because you brought an illegal encryption device into 'my country'

I'm pretty sure you are missing the point.

After a few freelance 'photojourbalists' (I.e. blogggers) end up dead or in jail for life, or worse, then no one will go there and take pictures anymore.

You aren't so clever that you'll outsmart the guys who have a fun time inflicting pain and killing people because anything you try will only work once, next time they'll just kill you to be safe because you even brought a camera with you and they can't trust you that it's 'empty', or whatever silly excuse you think is going to work.

Or put you in jail for life ... Or whatever. The point is, if they have you in custody ... YOU WILL LOSE. They don't play by some civilized set of rules you've concocted living in your nice protected home.

Comment Re:Everyone is ditching self-driving cars (Score -1) 255

The difference is that software companies are always hiding behind EULA stating that they are not responsible for anything, anywhere, ever. They get a free pass on 'my software is a broken pile of shit' because we've grown used to the fact that software devs can't produce quality software (I'm a software dev, its not open for debate, most companies produce shit software across the board, Google 100% included).

That worked for software because its new and hasn't been challenged YET.

Doesn't work when they start venturing into automobiles, where saying 'I'm not responsible for what I made' has also already been tried in court, and we beat their asses back down and made them pay out the ass for the damages and lives lost.

Google is likely very afraid of actually having to live up to standards rather than being able to pretend they set the standard.

Imagine if Android had to be 'recalled' like cars for defects because Google was liable for damages caused by their bad software?

Comment Re:Tea (Score -1) 65

StarTrek computers, just like Google, understand context. They could easily take into account who the speaker is and their preferences. There are also of course common defaults. When I go to the local bagel shop and ask for Earl Grey tea, they have absolutely no problem providing me with a cup of hot tea, of the Earl Grey variety.

So, outside of some random fucktard trying to over complicate things while being a smart ass (you failed, btw, dumbass), WHY would the computer think 0c is what the speaker meant? Even if some fucktard like you programmed it, the AI of the age would quickly correct itself after the first person ordered tea and corrected your bad setup. It'd then tell them who programmed it that way, so you could be properly dealt with.

Gosh you were so clever.

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