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Comment Re:40 hour week is a myth (Score -1) 171

Its funny that people today think 80 hours of work is a lot ... perhaps you should consider what humans did before modern society, even just a few hundred years ago, before you make stupid claims like that.

You're lying to yourself by pretending you'd get the same thing done in 25-30 if you ignored the 'unproductive' time ... because what you're deeming 'unproductive' is almost certainly a requirement of functioning in society as a whole ... which is the only reason you aren't out acting as a hunter/gatherer working pretty much every waking minute of your life just to survive.

It blows me away how people can be so oblivious to the fact that a 40 hour work week is a ridiculously short amount of actual week, especially for most of slashdot who sits behind a desk and doesn't actually 'work' more than pressing some keys and sitting through meetings.

Comment Re: Lots of cores doesn't mean shit (Score -1) 109

. . . and that only works in extremely specialized instances.

You do realize 99.9999999999% of the applications out there CAN'T USE THE SLI version right?

And you realize thats a very specialized instance, and they'll be the first to tell you its close to its limits for that specialized instance ... right?

Comment Lots of cores doesn't mean shit (Score 2, Insightful) 109

I've been hearing about massive number of cores for years ... the problem however is they are great for demonstrating that you can put a bunch of 'cores' on a chip ... not that they are actually useful for anything.

Connecting 8k of these things together? You've just proven you actually don't understand how the real world does things.

If you have 8 million cores that can add 20 super floating point numbers a second ... thats WORTHLESS because I need to do things other than add two numbers.

If you have 8k cores that can be interconnected ... that must be one awesome bus if those interconnects are useful because the congestion on that bus is going to be insane, oh ... you've got a solution to that problem? funny how that solution kills the theoretical performance

Sorry, but I've heard this stuff so many times over the years that I just get annoyed when some professor tells us about this super awesome CPU he has that is utterly fucking worthless outside of theoretical land.

And by the way, 25 cores is on the tiny side for these silly academic projects.

Blah blah blah I made this awesome processor but it only works for one tiny problem domain that can't even be used for that problem domain because of the constraints on it that allow you to make so many cores.

Not once has one of these things actually been useful in the real world, and I know thats not the point of research but the only reason you list something about so many cores is pure clickbait. No one with a clue believes you've built something useful when you make such ridiculous statements.

No, I didn't read the article. I don't have to. These papers are only about getting grant money by making ridiculous statements, not about producing anything useful and 9 times out of 8, its done using methods that the real world (read people who actually get shit done) has already deemed don't actually work outside of academia and theory.

Yes, I'm bitter. I hate useless people wasting money that could be spent doing real things, not reiterating something intel and amd knew in the 80s.

Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 0, Flamebait) 442

You're right ... I mean the fact that this is just like every other flood thats happened in that area since before the Mississippi had a name is meaningless ... its climate change ... not just normal weather ... right?!


Its not a reasonable statement since there is exactly 0 evidence to support the claim. Its pure speculation based on some valid theories. Thats like concluding that I broke my arm because I fell off a bike , which is a perfectly valid theory ... until you add in the fact that I'm at a ski resort and have never ridden a bike in my life ... but hey, its reasonable to assume it was a bike.

Bill Nye is another loud mouth douche who thinks because he speaks people care. Some do, but most people with common sense stopped listening to him shortly after they grew the fuck up.

Comment Take my toys and go home (Score -1) 228

. . . and you end up with no one to play with cause the rest of us don't care about your childish bullshit.

Could you be bigger douche bags?

Wah wah I didn't get my way for X, so I'm going to take away Y! J hurt my feelings so I'm going to make sure I punish A,B,C,E, and G ... and not do anything at all to actually affect J that hasn't already been done. And I'm going to make sure my tantrum is as public as possible.

Thats a more appropriate statement about what you're doing.

Comment Re:Just stop raising cows (Score 2, Insightful) 189

Right, because the healthiest looking people on the planet are the vegetarians . . .

Also pretty awesome that you just blamed the three things that pretty much kill anyone who dies from 'natural causes' and blamed it on cow meat. You know vegetarians die from those exact same things in pretty much the exact same numbers ... RIGHT?

Nut job much?

Comment Re:Aren't we all rentals... like taxi cabs? (Score 0) 366

I'm glad for innovation that creates real improvements

Innovation? That word does not mean what you think it means.

Innovation != breaking the law and telling everyone that you're an X when you are very clearly a Y who doesn't want to play by the same rules as Y.

But the best part is ... an Uber driver who's surprised that Uber doesn't give a fuck about him.

Uber is a shitty company who lies and cheats its way to relevance, you get what you deserve.

Comment Re:That's a load of bullshit from AT&T (Score 0) 110

Seriously? You guys are pretty small fry if you're using actual PRI lines to make calls. Real robocallers switched to VoIP long ago, they certainly don't use AT&T since the price is ridiculous.

A PRI line can care 23/24 simultaneous calls. The same line configured to carry IP can carry 50-100 calls.

So you're paying 6 figures for an additional 48 simultaneous calls? So you're paying almost a nickel a minute for long distance at a minimum if by 6 figures you mean 100k.

You guys are either stupid, don't know what you're talking about or you're lying because a nickel a minute is a ridiculous price.

48 open channels * 730 hours a month == 2,102,400 minutes.

$100,000 / 2,102,400 = $0.04756468797565/minute.

Our average rate for termination is $0.0005.

Thats 100 times more per minute than we charge. Where are you calling? The Andromeda galaxy?

Comment Re:Is this so hard (Score 0) 110

I work at a phone company.

There are many legitimate reasons to spoof the number.

Simply example: call center. hundreds of people making out bound calls for some reason, but none of those 'lines' have a phone number with them. They have one number for inbound calls that all those lines report, and that number is on a different carrier even because one carrier offers cheap outbound (termination) calls, but the other offers cheap inbound (origination) calls.

A good portion of our customers don't have any phone numbers attached to their 'lines'. Of course, there aren't any lines at all since its VoIP over the internet.

I could list a whole bunch of other reasons that you don't know about, but its a waste of my time because you aren't interested in knowing why, you're just here to complain.

Comment Re:12% is dangerously low (Score -1) 189

12% of the market share, but 95% of the profit.

You go where the money is, not the market share.

To put it bluntly, Android users are cheap asses who don't pay for anything. They expect to give up their privacy and get spam/ads in exchange for free stuff.

iOS users pay a tax in order to not get that experience, and they buy stuff with cash.

Android could have 99% of the market share and still be irrelevant to many developers.

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