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Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 1) 321

That's updated concrete chemistry. Not really updated cinder blocks.

The xterm code that ran on a SparcStation 1 is essentially the same code as the xterm I can run on a modern 64 bit Intel box. The 'cement' is updated but the design of the 'binary' remains nearly the same.

My 'ignorance of technological progress'?

The Windows NT registry repurposed as a binary registry to blight Linux is 'technological progress?? I think this whole discussion topic would only have two or three comments on it if that were true.

Comment Re: When will people wake up to the truth? (Score 1) 321

I ran Slackware for years, and tried Red Hat at 4.3. It was fairly good. Then they released 5.0. I started using NetBSD shortly thereafter and really haven't looked back. Slackware is a good way to learn enough unix to bootstrap up into a BSD.

I don't hate Red Hat, nor do I hate Microsoft. They are both companies, with a product or two they sell.

I first ran Linux on a computer in my apartment in 1994. A '486 with a 300MB ESDI drive.

Comment Re:How many bits? (Score 1) 101

If it was a 12" 4k display 1,000,000:1 at 1-bit would still be pretty interesting. Everything could be half-toned pretty well.

I was the last nerd to upgrade from a paperwhite grayscale VGA monitor ("256 shades of gray") to color. Also probably the only person to run Windows 3 on an IBM EGA graphics card in 'Monohcrome Graphics' mode on an MDA monitor. (better aspect ratio than Hercules Graphics)

Comment Re:What about stop making stuff super thin? (Score 1) 276

Slider phones just don't sell well, and big thick phones don't sell well.

Wouldn't one of the gadget vendors have to try to sell one for us to know if they would sell well or not??

But, right. Products have to be sold 'internally' to the marketing critters before the C-levels will allow Engineering to develop them.

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