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Comment Re: What does Netcraft say? (Score 1) 512

The GP's point was apparently that because the Linux kernel is embedded in Android devices, even though it's not used in any way similar to desktop Linux, that it 'counted.' So I cited the fact that there are many other operating systems embedded in many other devices that far overwhelm the small number of embedded linux kernels.

It was a good point, and worth making.

Comment Re:So much for Apple's "better design" (Score 1) 222

Continuity checks catch pins that are open circuit. It doesn't catch poor soldering quality that will result in early failure. Visual inspection of solder connections that are visible catches and prevents early failure, and as GP commenter said, can also be fairly easily repaired in the aftermarket.

Comment Re: What does Netcraft say? (Score 5, Funny) 512

Billions of people use processors that run only Machine Language programs that load from the reset vector. Mice, graphics card, the controller chips inside hard drives, etc. There's even a 'multiplier effect' because every Linux computer in operation has a handful of these processors inside it. So the Machine Language 'Operating System' is 20-500 times more popular than any PC operating system, and thousands to hundreds of thousands of times more popular than Linux.

This popularity measure is based on the same notion as the one that asumes that every device out there that runs a Linux kernel is 'linux.' I.e. every Android device, every Tivo, etc.

Comment Re:how much is needed? (Score 1) 254

In mobile use, the batteries are only used until the cost-benefit of the batteries weight renders them not useful for mobile use. They were well maintained during this part of their useful life and will be designed to contain the energy properly.

Then, the scenario goes, they are removed from mobile use and put into stationary use. The problem being, in stationary use, they can just sit there indefinitely, and will sit there indefinitely, and deteriorate. Eventually to the point of enclosure voids and lithium fires.

They could be properly maintained during this part of the life cycle, but does anybody seriously think they will be? The cost/benefit for these batteries implies keeping costs low. There will be scrap batteries over the place being squeezed into use until they are completely depleted, meaning there will be lots of batteries not being properly maintained.

Comment Re:how much is needed? (Score 1) 254

For how long, and what is the usage cycle for these 'used EV batteries' ??

I can envision a future where there are piles of depleted/partially depleted 'used EV batteries' everywhere, and most of the value has been squeezed out of them. There they sit, with their seals deteriorating, and the lithium in them igniting.

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