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Submission + - W3C gets ready for HTML 5/CSS 3 and 5.1/css 3.1 reccomendations (

Billly Gates writes: Chrome and Firefox have slowly been adding new features for years in what is now becoming known as HTML 5 and CSS 3. The W3C decided not to wait until 2020 for HTML 5 and will publish a recommendation by years end. If all goes according to schedule it will be finalized by 2014 too. Features however were cut out such as workworkers and websockets from the 5.0 and css 3.0 specs. They will be part of HTML 5.1 by 2016. What is unclear is whether Internet Explorer is causing the delay as IE 9 still does not have things like webworkers and many CSS 3 features or are the new new Mozilla and Webkit specific implementations which are sometimes incompatible causing the delay? Other sites like check for features in mailing lists too that are not W3C which is also causing confusion on what exactly is HTML 5? Either way the WC3 figures dividing the daunting task in steps like this will speed finalization so we can retire ancient browsers and make lives for web developers easier without specific browser css 3 features.

Submission + - Firefox remarkably improved in latest browser showdown ( 2

Billly Gates writes: Tomshardware did another benchmark showdown since several releases of both Firefox and Chrome came out since the last one. Did Mozilla clean up its act and listen to its users? The test results are listed here. Firefox 13.01 uses the least amount of ram with 40 tabs opened while Chrome uses the highest surprisingly. Overall it scored medium with memory efficiency which measures ram released after tabs are closed. What is also surprising is IE 9 still is king of the lowest ram usage for just 1 tab. Bear in mind in the comments below is that these tests were benchmarked in Windows 7. Windows XP and Linux users will have different results due to differences in memory management. It is too bad IE 10 which is almost finished wasn't available to benchmark.

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