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Journal Billly Gates's Journal: I need less time to play around with Linux based oss'

I am now using my slashdot journal to mirror my livejournal one here . If anyone wants geek only stuff let me know and I will keep more personal related entried in my livejournal instead.

Last time I am configuring with Linux and operating sytems
I have things I need to get done and probably better things to do then this. For one I still do not have a job and depression about this is beggening to set it. Also I want to do things with my laptop like learning and doing something to better myself and my profession.

I wonder about certain forms of procrastination or is it just I get a high on having hte latest and greatest thing?

Anyway I found a workaround with the bugs I found in Ubuntu Linux 6.10 in my last post and I am giving it one more try. Its a real release as of this morning so that means it will stabilizie as hackers work on it.

I want to learn some html, more java, and perl to do some simple scripting and web based things like letting me know when someone replies to a friends journal via wget. Maybe I can work on my lj space as well.

With more time I plan to use Livejournal more and slashdot less.

Other than that I plan to get a non skilled job starting tomorrow if the geeksquads wont call me back or use a temp agency. I had it! I need money and a purpose and I feel some folks might be making fun of me and judging me on this. But I guess not everyone deserves as much as 12/hr. I just want it too but no one wants to pay me that. Maybe my skills are not all that? I dunno and I will worry about that tomorrow and this weekend

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I need less time to play around with Linux based oss'

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