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Comment Re: Why is this guy still talking (Score 1) 439

Less hours and more free time drastically reduces the value of your labor. Since MBA cost accountants figure overhead as fixed + variable costs it makes sense to fire you and overwork the other guy.

During the recession everyone worked 70 to 80 hours a week or 0. You just have one guy do the work of the laid off one or get rid of the secretaries and assistants or lead scouts and place the burden on the other guy ... And still expect same numbers.

Time is never reduced ever

Comment Re: Funny (Score 1) 117

Come on! Grandma tested it. Look Facebook loads just fine on her Acer. Go release server 2016 as we had 2 million testers and no telemetry of a single NIC teaming failure!

I know MS is bashed here often but server 2008 r2 thru 2012 r2 are actually Ok and .... RELIABLE. Yes you heard that. But without a QA department I do not know what to do when Server 2012 R2 goes EOL?

I hate being those old whippersnappers afraid of change that scatter the IT community, but with more Oracle like per core licensing of 2016 and this shitware with 10 I am afraid to move forward. If Windows 8.1 had a start menu for my users I wouldn't mind upgrading 7 to that when EOL hits soon.

But I will be fired if I deploy 10 or server in it's current state. I cannot have only 3 months to stop a feature update that breaks something??!! Worse cumulative security updates means I can't ever run legacy software and stay secure?? If one bad update from 2014 breaks a website ActiveX control I cannot have a cumulative update as it will break that control etc.

Time to think long and hard about my career as I will be fired anyway when I can't meet my 97.97% uptime required by my annual performance evaluation. Thanks Microsoft

Comment Re: Hyper-V??? on a desktop os? (Score 1) 117

No it's identical except for some tuning and server manager. Don't believe me Google turning NT 4 workstation into NT server by 2 registry changes. Or maybe that was Windows 2000.

Hyper-V has been part of Windows desktop since 8.0. Same core and everything from server. Only difference is lack of clustering, replica, and nic teaming.

Just enable it under add or remove windows features if you don't want to pay for VMware workstation?

I use it because VMware workstation sucks majorly on my Windows 8.1 desktop

Comment Funny (Score 0) 117

Microsoft's own server operating systems cannot even reboot on Windows 10 Hyper-V without crashing, Unix runs fine.

Server 2016 is same OS base too. No thanks until MS hires a QA department back.

Joe Six pack checking his Facebook does not do the same QA for enterprise things like Hyper-V, PowerShell direct, exchange/outlook GPOs that all have broken in the past year.

Windows 7 and 8.1 run just fine

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 403


Every web developer I have met HATE IE with SUCH A STRONG PASSION that they became linux geeks out of pure anger. They told me even something trivial like adding the simpliest of CSS would make IE 6 freak out and go into quirks mode. Nothing ever ever works and it is like that game with the wooden logs where you take from the bottom of the stack and put on the top until it collapses at just the wrong movement or support log.

Is it true that you had to memorize race conditions in IE 6 so it doesn't freak out and throw things together like in a blender. Sorry everyone loved Netscape and no one would use it if it was that bad.People here and I have been here in 1998 all rail about NEtscape 4 rocking and how horrible IE was. Go back to 2000 and see for yourself

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 403

That is not Microsoft but peripheral makers.

Dell is selling a new Kaby Lake line of Linux specific PCs with a small screen. It is tested and QA certified. Go Google it under slashdot stories? I don't know if it's out yet though?

There are others who don't include bargain basement grade peripherals too if you buy a premium convertible. Oddly the MS Surface Pro 3 runs Ubuntu very well. You can disable the tpm keys or add your own with Ubuntu signed.

Comment Re: So much hostility (Score 1) 403

From what I see what MS wants is developer Mindshare and visual studio. As developers move to cloud, mobile, and html 5 it risks becoming irrelevant.

Visual Studio 2017 has Android, Linux, mono, typescript, Python, and other tool support. So MS is porting it for these reasons as setting a Hyper-V VM running Linux can be a pain.

So this is good as competition keeps bad companies good

Comment Re: Why? (Score 0) 403

I disagree 100%. Gates was the one who made IE 6 as proprietary as possible. Gates was the one who went behind the scenes to OEMs to block competitors. Gates was the who who redid the the text format standard for DoS to be incompatible with Unix.

This new MS is willing to go cloud and cross platform. IE is now w3c compliant. .Net is opened. Visual Studio has Android and cross platform features etc.

If you don't want wibdows 10 don't use it. No one is holding a gun to your head.

As long as MS plays nice which they now are who cares? Competition is good and 1998 is over. MS can't scare people like they once did.

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