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Comment Re: What TypeScript is (Score 1) 83


MS like any organization makes great and crappy software.

So they make mediocre operating systems. They do make excellent business software and good development software like C# and visual studio. Gnu makes great operating systems and ok development software.

Use the right tool for the job. It is open source and compiles to JavaScript so no locking. Why can't ms make something good considering no one makes everything good? Are you that biased?

Comment Re: One OS to Rule Them All (Score 1) 467

It's not a conspiracy, when the evidence says its fact.

Microsoft haven't changed. They still want to embrace, extend, extinguish. In fact, they've even expanded to include Linux development internally, and commercially, in the only space where their OS gets beat performance-wise bar none: server side. If that fact doesn't raise an eyebrow, your either younger than you post, or a denial shill. Or both.


Ok ignore the fact it comes with a strange HD/SSD hybrid. Instead of Linux not supporting the driver it IS ALL MY GOD LOOK MS IS BEING EVIL. These comments remind of when had a comment section and reading the replies about anything Obama. Tinfoil hats indeed

Comment Re: Lenovo is at fault, not MS (per the article) (Score 1) 467

I swear slashdot has turned into the fox news of computers. I have to go to to hear both sides as journalism and comments are so poor and slanted.

FYI my MS surface pro 3 with signature Windows runs Ubuntu just fine without secure boot and even with! Intel owns the UEFI spec and not MS.

Sheesh folks

Also Lenovo is in my do not buy list due to spearfish and using Windows Store to reinstall malware since they label them as drivers. It is a junk Chinese company

Comment It can join python 3m=,, and perl 6 (Score 1) 118

It wont ever be implemented as long as the previous is supported. Shoot my employer still supports IE 6 and would only still use it if MS didn't force change.

I said the same comment on previous story with Swift. People never learn once something is etched it is the word of God and is almost impossible to change

Comment Fuck Java (Score -1, Troll) 69

It is a slow insecure piece of crap and worse it is owned by Oracle! Let it die and do not feed Oracle anymore mindshare by supporting it.

I know it is in use and entrenched like Cobol and VB 6 in the enterprise and did have promise back in the day, but I consider it contaminated. The fact that you can be used by using it and extorted to an Oracle RDBMS license at anytime for using an API is a big risk. Yes, Oracle stated this in court against Google.

The more we geeks fight back and switch to something like C++ or even Mono the sooner we won't have to depend on it.

Comment Re:Capitalism is charity (Score 1) 536

I would argue a tastier ketchup is worth more. People value it and are willing to pay for it which in return employees people to boot as well. A VC that attracts customers is worthy to the employees and the customers. All which re-invest the everyone else to help eliminate hunger as the trajectory and speed of the money supply being moved in the economy are signs of economic growth and everyone benefiting from it

You didn't starve tonight did you? Someone gave you food or the ingredients to make you food just like helping a poor person. You received that for your contribution to society determined by your worth your employer sets for their needs.

Any business that creates a job is the best humanitarian there is!

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