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Submission + - Trump's Executive Order Eliminates Privacy Act Protections for Foreigners

Kernel Kurtz writes: January 28 is supposed to be Data Privacy Day, so it seems fitting in an alternative sort of way that US President Trump just signed an executive order that eliminates Privacy Act protections for foreigners. As a non-American, I find it curious that the person who says he wants to bring jobs to America is simply confirming the post-Snowden belief that America is not a safe place to do business. Does anyone else see a conflict here?

Submission + - SPAM: Trump executive order prompts Google to recall staff

AmiMoJo writes: Google has recalled travelling staff members to the US after an executive order from President Donald Trump restricting entry for nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries. Google has told the BBC it is concerned about the order and any measures which could block great talent from the US. There have already been reports of "green card" holders, who are allowed to work in the US, being prevented from getting on flights.
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Comment On the future of the Free Software Foundation? (Score 1) 359

Dear Richard,

first and foremost thank you for contributions and activism, you have made the world a better place for the likes of us. Now for the question:

What are your views on the future of the FSF?

Today's software landscape and dangers to freedom seem quite far from the initial days of the FSF, and with that, its purpose and effectiveness seem less relevant today.

Even giants like Microsoft have seen their dominance shattered, and are facing the dilemma of a radical overhaul vs obsolescence.

Do you feel that FSF organization and goals should be radically shaken? How can we better fight for freedom in these strangely connected days?

Submission + - Debian 8 Jessie released (

linuxscreenshot writes: After almost 24 months of constant development the Debian project is proud to present its new stable version 8 (code name Jessie), which will be supported for the next 5 years thanks to the combined work of the Debian Security team and of the Debian Long Term Support team. Jessie ships with a new default init system, systemd. The systemd suite provides many exciting features such as faster boot times, cgroups for services, and the possibility of isolating part of the services. The sysvinit init system is still available in Jessie. Screenshots and a screencast is available.

Comment Vaporware, meanwhile Path tracing is getting bette (Score 1) 134

Their demos are not very nice and mostly vaporware. For people interested in non-vaporware next generation rendering technology, I suggest you check out this video, based on Path Tracing which is a form of stocastich Ray Tracing. It looks to me like this technology is getting closer and closer to the mainstream, and the results are eons from any raster-based engine.

Comment Re:Very suspicious (Score 1) 353

It is likely the case that the VPN providers were involved with some form of SPAM.

Cutting off Visa/Mastercard processing to the spammers clients such as online pharmacies has been a very successful approach:

No gain = no SPAM

Comment Re:Stallman was right! (Score 1) 365

Because at the time, would Java had been under a different license, it had an incredible potential and surely would have enjoyed much wider adoption.

We had to stop using Java due to its non-free license.

And what is more important, the language is fragmented. Its non-freeness motivated the development of several runtimes/stacks, which, TTOMExperience, suffer from compatibility issues.

Comment Re:Will the police get any evidence? (Score 1) 361

Well it seems some people is not familiar with TrueCrypt. You have an encrypted partition that you can show, and inside it (mixed in the free space) you have a second one. This way if the police forces you to decrypt you partition you can show the fake one, and they have no way of guessing whether you had another one, the most they can do is to destroy it.

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