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Comment Re:Go the way of Sega... sort of (Score 1) 403

This, completely. Sega opting out of the hardware market and producing their titles on various systems has saved the company (so to speak). Granted, they aren't the Sega of old, with tons of success and cash, but they have come back from the brink. Sonic finally got to next-gen without Sega having to build the hardware. Could you imagine Mario Kart, Zelda or an SMB game done on PS4 or 720? Give me a piece of that action!

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 78

I suspect it might cost more than $8 million a year to run a magazine. On advertising for games, they only feature Nintendo available products, or marketing for other teen related products, such as movies, snacks, etc. Maybe its not such a financial windfall.

Comment Re:Thread is SAD! (Score 1) 78

Indeed, my man, C64 was superior. I was a big PoR player myself, along with Hillsfar, Rocket Ranger, and Red Storm Rising (and any other Microprose game). Damn, those were indeed the days. ANYTHING Cinemaware put out on C64 was superior to most things on NES, especially in the early 1990s when shovelware really bloated the NES offerings. I was always so jealous of my friend who had an Amiga, my family couldn't afford to get me one, but the graphics looked amazing. Heck, the first DOS-based PC I had was an IBM PS/1 386SX-16mhz. Once I got ahold of Kings Quest 5, it was all over, I was a point and click adventure game fiend. Those types of games never translated to consoles very well, they still don't.

Comment Re:Final Fantasy Fanny Pack (Score 1) 78

I won... a neon pink fanny pack. I believe it came stuffed with a t-shirt and some chocolate coins. The t-shirt was kind of crappy, and the coins were quickly consumed. And the neon pink fanny pack was... neon pink and a fanny pack. So kind of the worst prize ever, but i remember the shit out of having actually won something!

LOL, sorry man, you know you have to be a kid to eat chocolate coins. They gotta be the worst chocolate ever! To think, I was gonna make some snide remark about you still wearing the fanny pack, but I held back, I figured eating those coins was punishment enough. Sorry man. Their prizes were useless though, no joke.

Comment Just like EGM, damn. (Score 1) 78

I own every single issue of Nintendo Power ever printed, even all the Nintendo Fun Club newsletters. Sad, I know, but I felt that I should continue my subscription as it was one of my favorite magazines when I was a kid. I remember getting Metal Gear strategies from there, and actually getting in the magazine for maxing out the score on Xenophobe (had to send a Polaroid pic, which was my only camera, but it had to show your TV and Nintendo. Not an easy shot.). I guess I'll eBay them all when they finally nail it to the cross, just like I did my EGM2 collection. It's decent that something like this is revealed, unlike EGM, who just ended production and unceremoniously replaced my subscription with a sub to Maxim. Not that I minded, but it'd have been nice to have a choice. Anyhow, these things happen, its the digital age now, and kids don't hang on every word from a video game magazine nowadays. Hell, those were the ONLY places that you could get video games tips / strategies / cheats back in the day. Now, we have the internet. As biased as it was, I gotta say: Fly high, Nintendo Power!

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