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Comment 50+ phones and still no proper package management (Score 1) 378

Package upgrade on Android... For starters, the "My Downloads" list is not ordered alphabetically nor in any apparently meaningful order. Then for each upgradeable package, one must first browse to the package, then manually trigger the upgrade package, then acknowledge system privileges the upgraded package and finally clear the download notification and the update notification. Is this a joke ? This almost matches the tediousness of upgrading Windows software - an impressive feat considering that the foundations of Android package management seem serious enough. Where is my APT ?

Comment Re:The real danger (Score 1) 139

> I'm constantly waiting for songs to end before
> picking another one, or leaving tracks that have
> silence at the end to finish completely. Really
> wish it incremented at 75% complete or something.

Amarok submits to after playing about half of the track. Yet another reason to use Amarok...

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