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Comment Re:And by that he means (Score 0) 349

Not sure if this is someone illustrating Poe's law, but there are enough people who genuinely hold this mistaken opinion that it's worth addressing.

Iraq wasn't invaded because there were gaps in the inspection regime (there were) or because Iraq was resistant to a more aggressive inspection regime (it was). Iraq wasn't invaded because of a criminal indictment of Saddam Hussein for the instigation of the Iran-Iraq war. Iraq wasn't invaded because of some 20 year old, probably inert gas shells buried, rusting, and forgotten in a ditch somewhere. Iraq was invaded to remove chemical, biological, and potentially nuclear weapons which constituted a grave and immediate threat to the security of the United States.

This justification was, of course, a complete fabrication. It was an utterly fantastic construction based on the stacking of all the worst case, low probability assessments generated by the US intelligence apparatus in order to stampede the public to war (and a highly successful general election).

We went back in to Iraq in 2003. After nearly 20 years of trying to get Iraq to fulfill it's obligations which it AGREED to after the first Iraq war.

The US wasn't trying to enforce sanctions on Iraq in 1983. At that time, they were selling them weapons.

Comment Re:This shit again? (Score 1) 114

Nukes, especially two stage nukes, are heavy emitters of X-ray light. Detonating the nuke at an appropriate distance allows the nuke to heat the surface matter of the object which blows off and acts as reaction mass. The efficiency of this coupling can also be improved via some design tricks for the device itself or by cratering the object with a kinetic impactor first then timing the detonation so it's directly over the resultant "rocket nozzle" on the object's surface.

Comment Re:Congratulations (Score 1) 373

Fair enough, but why didn't they chant "Falcon! Falcon!"? After all, Lockheed and Boeing have sat on their ass for 40 years getting fat off the teat. Their heritage comes from TRW, their own hard work to fulfill a DARPA contract, and some vision on the part of NASA to get COTS off the ground. These companies and initiatives were all fairly maverick in their way, moving against the prevailing currents of hot air blowing from the Washington Beltway.

Comment Re:The Commit Message (Score 1) 572

The Systemd project has eaten quite a bit of the userspace plumbing (udev and consolekit->logind) for which upstream support is no longer systemd independent. They are also pushing to control future iterations of dbus. To truly be free of systemd, maintainers will have to fork and maintain these modules or otherwise provide equivalent functionality. My guess is that few are willing or able to commit the necessary resources at the present time.

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